How to ace online meetings and presentations

With the pandemic crisis on our heads, it is certainly very difficult to maintain our curriculum and somehow manage to deliver presentations and keep everyone engaged. We know it is difficult but it is equally necessary for us to participate in such activities. While video conferencing wouldn’t be an easy go but you can still manage to ace these virtual events without event organizers in Dubai.

  • Stir up energy in everyone

This is surely one of the best ways to kick off your meetings and events. All you have to do is play on some music which would lighten up the meeting attendees when they arrive. Slowly they all would join in the groove and then turn on your camera for a more interactive session. If you will be delivering presentation then a board full of bullet points is surely going to bore everyone so instead use fun images and videos. Use the chat box at all times and enjoy the game.

  • Have frequent breaks

Now we know it is quite unusual to find time for a break during a virtual meeting when you could hardly get one during your regular office hours but trust us this is a much needed break. Some attendees might be sleeping while others with their camera on could be craving to munch on their favourite snacks. Give them some time to process and freshen up so that you have a more lively audience to deal with.

  • Keep everyone engaged

While it can be quite difficult to judge reactions through a screen and keep everyone engaged you still need to put in efforts. One way to do this is by keep asking questions and expect a response from them. While they could very well easily ignore your question you need to apply the trick. The trick is to remember the name of the attendees call them out. This will surely wake them up and keep them attentive before dwelling off into their own bliss. This also keeps other attendees awake as now they know anyone can be called out anytime out of the blue.

We know life was easier when corporate event management companies in Dubai handled all your event organizations easily but unfortunately you will have to manage these virtual events yourself. Keep striving for best and you will reach there.


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