Hairstyles for men inspired by iconic movies

Over the years men’s hairstyle seem to be changing drastically and even though we have come a long way, there are still a few hairstyles which we can’t seem to forget or give up on. Every now and then some of us would turn to barber media city Dubai and get ready with the retro hairstyles. So here is a tribute to all those hairstyles, let’s take a look:

  • Robert Pattinson’s in Twilight

We remember all the girls drooling over Edward Cullen’s hairstyle and in order to carry out this hairstyle carefully you need the right amount of thickness which shouldn’t exceed. This hairstyle ranges from cool effortless to extremely dope but just know that you need a very smart stylist who knows the right amount of hair spray to use without making it look too rigid because carefree is what this style should speak.

  • Sean Connery’s in James Bond

We all know the classic icon James Bond is who would never go out of style. It is classic and ever lasting because it is a basic men’s pompadour whose top is longer and it would style and embrace even the receding hairline of middle aged men. It is all about embracing and feeling good even when your hair seems to be on the loose and not only your life.

  • Johnny Dept’s in Pirates of the Caribbean

Oh such a classic fantasy adventure it was that we enjoy to this date. Jack Sparrow certainly left a mark at all of our hearts with his dreadful hairstyle which had dreadlocks that added a great accent of villainies to it. Johnny dept’s hairstyle is more than just a hairstyle. It is a feeling of boldness that only a few can rock. Can you make it look as cool as Jack?

  • Marlon Brando’s in The Godfather

Marlon was an iconic actor who showed us that it doesn’t matter if your hairline is receding, what matters is how you choose to style it. There is nothing significant or outstanding in his hairstyle but it is the confidence displayed which makes it outstanding from all the others. Gelled back hair can look as dashing and graceful as anything else which hairdresser Dubai marina would help you with. Just have confidence in yourself and you will be good to go.