Advantages of Being an Expat in UAE

Being a citizen of UAE is considered to be very privileged because you are in a country which is among the famous for its culture, job provider and it is also said to be the safest for women. But it is a country where the government is only divided between the owners of the Emiratis. You can say that the king of this country handed down the crown to his sons and daughters and to his son-in-law or to his brothers. And there is no other person who can become the bearer of the crown just like other countries. They have their own laws, rules and regulations for everything and can change whenever or to whatever they want.

Just like different countries who offer permanent residents but UAE has different laws and rules for that. Their citizenship or naturalization of UAE law has set according to the Federal Law under the nationality and passports section. But those who want to become a citizen can apply for UAE nationality by different means. You can also get visa by paying to people but that is illegal. But the acceptance of your application can only be approved by the President of the UAE and he can issue a decree on establishing the nationality under the operation law for granting it by naturalization to any person he wants.

Now coming to the benefits, if you dad was an Emirati or mother was an Emirati, you become a citizen by law. And if a woman marries to an Emirati, she will be granted citizenship of 7 to 10 years only and after these years, this will be expired and they will have to renew it by paying a small fee and with an ongoing marriage and they have a child or children in future then the children get the citizenship too.

This means that that even if you marry an Emirati woman or man, you still get citizenship for some years and you have to pay again. And there are other terms and condition to it like; you should have a good source of income and should be paying different taxes and must be fluent in Arabic and English.