Why I Hate Starting New Books

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That is a really weird thing for a book lover to say right??? But it is so true. I love reading and getting lost in each book but I hate the daunting task of starting a new and here is why:

I am still not over my previous book

I wouldn’t say I have a book hangover on every book but a lot of the times I am still thinking about what I read. This makes me so not into picking up another book. I am already so invested in that story, that world it is hard imagining moving on.

There are so many books I have issues picking one

I know this sounds dumb but seriously. I have so many ARCS, ebooks and physical books sometimes I am overwhelmed. I don’t even know what I want to read or am in the mood for most of the time.

I want to already be invested/hooked

I hate that beginning period of a book where I need to get into and be invested. If it doesn’t hook me within the first 10% I find I have to force myself to pick it up to keep going. I hate that feeling so much and I actually dread going into a book for fear it will be like that.

So they may not be the best of reasons but they are the truth. I can’t be the only one who feels this way (at least I hope not!)

Do you hate starting new books or are you excited at the idea of jumping into a new world?

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79 responses to “Why I Hate Starting New Books

  1. No I completely get what you mean! Having to choose what book to read next is such a daunting task, especially when you have books you need to read for reviews. I hate the beginning part of books as well, I just want to be in love with the book from the very start but that very rarely happens! I’m usually halfway in before I even care what happens to the characters!
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  2. THIS IS SO TRUE. Seriously, I find it so draining when it comes to picking a new book. My favorite thing to do is come home from a long day at work and pick up a book that I’m in the middle of and know I’m enjoying. But starting a new book is so overwhelming (which one to pic? what genre? how do I prioritize them? What if I don’t like it?) and honestly sometimes I procrastinate on doing it!
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  3. I kinda get this. After all before blogging I didn’t inhale books like I do now, you know? I’d read one, and if it was great I’d be like that was awesome, and yeah I’d start something else but maybe in a few days… or a week? Now with reviewing everything I finish one and start another lol. I don’t think that helps… 🙂

    And same w/ the beginning. Sometimes starting a WHOLE NEW ONE is kinda daunting- what if it sucks? What if it’s slow (like the one I’m reading now ha ha) So yeah…
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  4. Your third reason is one of the reasons series are so great! You get to skip over that part of having to get to know the characters and get invested because you’re already invested. I love being able to jump straight into a story with characters and a world I already know. And I also have a hard time choosing books, so I definitely don’t think that’s a stupid reason, haha.
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  5. You’re not alone! I think what gets me most is the anxiety of picking the next one. Sometimes, if a favorite author just came out with a new one, it’s an easy choice. But a lot of the time, I have no idea what to read next. Sometimes I feel I’ve started books that I could’ve loved, but am just not in the right mood/state of mind to really enjoy them. Have I missed out? One will never know!
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  6. I completely understand and completely agree, Grace. I think most of us bookworms feel this way. No, not every book leaves me with a hangover but I will say I hesitate starting a new book when I have one. Any book I read after I finish a Kristen Ashley book suffers because of the KA hangover. I feel badly for review books that I start afterwards. :/ And yes, the sheer number of books we all have is daunting. I’ve resorted to using random.org to choose for me in certain categories – like my Netgalley reads. (It’s worked for me so far) And yes, if a book isn’t hooking me right away, ugh! I felt that way with The Scorpio Races. And I can’t even remember what book I read right before it but it took me awhile to become invested and that made me not want to read. 🙁 Anyway, thanks for sharing your reasons and I hope you’re happy to see you aren’t the only one. 😉
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  7. I actually like starting new books and find it thrilling. I admit sometimes it’s hard to move on (not really a hangover – I agree with you on that one). However, I love getting lost in new worlds and discovering new things. It can be daunting to pick the next book and that’s primarily why I do TBR’s each month (Called Musts and Mights). It helps give me a selection even though I know I will never get to them all.
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  8. OMG THIS IS ME!!!
    This is why I usually just have Nick pick my next book. I haaaate picking a next book and the first 10% of books are the worst. Getting used to new characters, new worlds, new environments, not being completely sure if I like the characters OR the book yet. Once I get past the 10% mark it’s all good but it can take me a few days to get to that mark. So much pressure.

    Just do what I do and have Nick pick your next books 🙂

  9. Ahhh, I totally agree with your third point! As much as the introduction/world-building part of a new book can be fun to read (if done well), it can also be tedious. I think my impatience might have something to do with that, though, hahaha.

  10. This is actually very interesting topic. For me, it depends. If I just finished truly exceptional book, I am not eager to start something new because I knew I would want to feel the same way as I felt while reading previous books. But all other times, I love starting new books in general, because there is always this chance that I am starting my new favorite 🙂
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  11. L

    You are really not the only one! I also hate starting new books, mostly because I’m really picky about what I choose and I’m always afraid it’s gonna be a bad read and I’m not going to enjoy it etc etc. I overthink everything which is REALLY annoying, and the same happens when I start reading a book. So, yeah, you’re not the only one.
    Great post!
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  12. I completely understand all of this! I usually have no problem picking a new book to start. I keep a list and stick to it pretty closely. But I do hate that beginning period. I often fall asleep after reading 5 pages in a new book because I’m not invested yet. So it takes me forever to read a good chunk lol. I’m easily bored with slower paced books these days too. So I struggle a lot in the first half of some books. Great post!
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  13. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve even picked up awesome books, read the first couple of pages and been like – nope, I can’t do this right now!!!!! Because of EXACTLY what you speak of – the part just before you’re into it that you aren’t invested in anything.
    Also – the choosing of the next book – AWFUL.
    I love this post and feel like you were talking right to me!
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  14. I can relate to this. It actually happened to me recently. I just read an amazing book which happened to be a dark romance but then I couldn’t bring myself to read another genre. The problem was I had a book to review this week. Oh my, it was very tough. Thankfully, I could move on. 😀
    I’m in the mood for a dark romance. You have any suggestions?
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  15. Ooooh this is a real struggle for me, I feel you completely! I am the WORST at this. Because either I have a book hangover, OR the opposite- I didn’t like the last book I read which makes me apathetic. And like you, I am SO indecisive! I want to read ALL the things but then when faced with the actual decision, I want to read NONE of them. It is SO frustrating! I think this is why I like having a bit of a schedule with ARCs, otherwise I’d spend the rest of time mired in my own anxiety and indecision!
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  16. Yes!! These are so true!! I really hate starting a new book. I’m worried it won’t hook me or I won’t get into it. That I’m wasting time on a book I won’t like. I’ve suffered from major book hang overs lately and that makes it hard to start another book, too. And just picking a book out of all my books…that is the WORST. I sometimes start 4 or 5 books just trying to figure out which one to settle on! Totally agree with all of these!
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  17. Ahh, I totally relate, especially to the one where I already want to be invested from the beginning. I love when I love a book so much I’m lost in it, but starting a new book is always a bit difficult. The longer it takes to get invested, the less I will like the book. But then, it’s also harder to get invested in a new book when I’m still in a book hangover from the last book. So it’s definitely a tricky thing 🙂
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