What kind of reader are you?

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My wonderful friend over at ChristenHeartsPinterest sent me this info graphic and said I should do a post. So here it is. The graphic is from Booklikes.com and is a really fun way to look at reading.



After reading through the the graphic above here is my self diagnosed reading style:

25% Polygamist Reader

This is lower than the others listed because this is new to me. With my sudden love of audiobooks, I now do an audiobook and an ebook at the same time. I do make sure they are different subjects to make sure they don’t mix.

37.5% Extrovert Reader

This is weird because in life I am more of an introvert but I guess books are different right? I do tend to have favorites genres bit I will totally read anything. I mean I’ll at least try it but will DNF that bad boy if its bad. I figure you never know if you will like something if you don’t pick it up.

37.5% Altruist Reader

But of course. I love to recommend great reads to friends and family (and you guys!). I love to read to my kids. Spread the reading love is something I love to do. (I also apparently love the word love.)

What kind of reader are you? Are you a mix of two or more? Are you a whole different style not listed?

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22 responses to “What kind of reader are you?

  1. Okay, I’m part Monogamist, Extrovert (which I do find really weird, because like you, I’m an introvert IRL), and Altruist 😀 I’m always pushing books on my friends and while I’ve tried to push books on my mom before, it just doesn’t work out. It took her one year, ONE YEAR, to read ONE book *shakes head*
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    • Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

      Haha sounds like my mom. I don’t push books on her but I gush about them to her anyways!

  2. I think according to this graphic and the descriptions it has I’d either be an introverted or altruist reader. I always like analyzing things when I read – the plot, the characters, the writing, which fits the introverted description; and I love recommending books to my family and friends (much to their annoyance as most of them aren’t really big readers) so that’s where the altruist part of me comes in I suppose. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post!
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  3. We’re mostly the same, Grace! I do like reading lots of books at the same time and I don’t mix up the plots, but sometimes I forget scenes that happened in one book, which is difficult.

    I’m also an introvert in real life (says online surveys), but I’d like to say that I’m and extroverted reader. I like trying out books I won’t normally read, and I just grab all the books!

    I also like recommending lists and lists and lists of books. If a friend comes up to me and asks for ONE recommendation, I end up recommending to them ten new books to read!
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  4. I would say that I am a mix between a polygamist reader and an altruist reader. I like reading multiple books at a time because I am easily bored. I don’t usually tend to get the plots mixed up, but sometimes it will take me longer to read a certain book because I’ll only focus on the other I’m reading, and when I return to the other book, I’ll have forgotten what happened. I also love recommending books to everyone and everything because I like spreading my book obsession. Which is why I love having bookish friends and blogging, actually. 😀
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    • Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

      I am new to being a polygamist (books only 🙂 ), but I could never do more than two at a time . Two is my limit.

  5. I’d say I’m a mix of monogamist and introvert. I do enjoy a wide range of genres, but I tend to stick to Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Historical Fiction the most. I love connecting with characters and writing long, well thought out reviews. I also like to read one book at a time. Occasionally I might listen to a book at work as well, but I’m usually only reading the one book. I can’t be in the middle of multiple books at a time. I hate that. And I do love to reread my favorite books. I’m planning on doing a bunch of that this summer.
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    • Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

      I am usually not a big rereader but I think I am going to try and do more of that soon!

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