What I’ve Been Watching (5)

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New Girl // This was a while ago now but I binged all 6 (?) seasons of the show. I loved it so much. It was an easy show to have on and still do things. I loved all the crazy characters. I can’t wait for the last season.

Game of Thrones// Um how come I didn’t watch this sooner?? I really thought it was a show I wouldn’t like but man I was wrong. Yes there are a million characters and storylines and yes I got a little lost here and there. Still! It was so good and am excited new season just started.

The Keepers // I finally finished this on Netflix. I was eh on it. I think it was a little slow and a little long and repetitive. Still it was interesting.

The Great British Baking Show // Yay for new episodes on PBS!! Can’t get enough.

Spring Baking Championship // Since I needed more baking in my life I binged all three seasons of this one. Not as good as The Great British Baking Show but fun.

Food Network Star // I somehow missed that this started and just caught up with it. I love a cooking a how!!


Spotlight // Wow that was good. This was a quiet movie but with a big impact. I get why it won best picture the year it was nominated.

The Big Short // Another  great movie from that year. I seriously could have used this movie to understand the financial collapse when it was happening and I was working. Still well done and still had some humor.

What have you been watching lately?

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57 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching (5)

  1. I tried watching the Keepers back in June because I love a good murder mystery but the show just didn’t do it for me. I liked the mystery but the show didn’t hook me in. I keep meaning to watch New Girl but I still haven’t gotten around to it. One of these days!
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  2. I haven’t seen either of those movies but they both sound good so I’ve added them to my watch list. Thanks for the heads up on those. Is that Ryan Gosling I see??? 🙂

    I am completely addicted to Game of Thrones. You’re lucky that you glommed the series. I had to wait months in between each season and was so anxious for so long. Ha! Everything is coming together and I’m so here for it all!
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  3. I really wish I was on top of all my tv shows, but alas I’m always one of the family members that falls behind and then no one can discuss any shows around me, as I’m always afraid of being spoilt! New Girl and Game of Thrones are two other shows that I’m so behind on, so I’m happy to see that you’ve been enjoying them!
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  4. Oh man, I was hooked on The New Girl when it first came out, but then I just got too busy and sort of gave up on trying to keep up. I think I may have to binge watch the seasons I missed on Netflix! lol My husband is OBSESSED with GOTs. He read the books long before it was a show and now watches the show religiously. lol! He got my best friend hooked on it now too.
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  5. I’ve been watching- ready, this is super shocking- The 100! I have also been watching Orphan Black, which I have been loving, but I am almost done with. And I do want to watch Game of Thrones so badly, but I also don’t want to spend a ton of money just to watch one show? BUT I also know that if I don’t watch it soon, I’ll be more spoiled than I already am, so ugh. Decisions. New Girl is fun, too!

  6. I love “Game of Thrones”! You’re right about there being a lot of characters to keep track of — I’ve watched every season and I think there’re still characters whose names I don’t quite know! I don’t watch “Food Network Star” but there’s a fellow Hawaii military spouse on there this season! She actually posted on our base FB group to see if anyone would be interested in cooking classes — how cool would that be!?
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  7. Game of Thrones is back and I am so happy. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I was wary about the show at first too but after the finale of series one I understood the hype a bit better. The fact that you’re watching the Great British Bake-Off is also a plus. That show is classic British TV and yes we do just stand around with a cup of tea watching them bake. It’s tradition haha. I’ve been watching Twin Peaks and that show gets weirder with each episode.
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  8. New Girl is the best!! I’m pretty sure I told you this but I binged all the seasons back in January. I can’t wait for the last season too 🙂 Having GBBO on PBS every week makes me so happy! I’ll have to check out Spring Baking Championship, is it on Netflix? Yay I’m glad you’re liking Game of Thrones! I’m super glad I caught up recently because the premiere of the new season was amazing.
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