What I’ve Been Watching (2)

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The Wire // Finally! My husband and I watched the first episode months ago. I am happy to report we are doen with season 1. This is such a great show. I can’t wait to get through the rest of the seasons.

The Good Place // I spoked about this one before but I lived this little binge. It was funny and clever.

ANTM// I used to LOVE this show growing up  and then stopped watching. When I heard it was coming back to VH1 I knew I had to watch. I have been and its just like I remember – vapid and total crap but I love it anyways.

The Great British Bake Off // Um when did this come on Netflix?? Has it always been there?? Ugh well I just found it and am obsessed. I can’t stop watching!

Girls // Oh this show. It is in the last season and it probably should be. I love the show and hate all the characters. So not normal. It is off to a good start.

Big Little Lies // This was a favorite book of mine so I was wary of the show. SO far I am very pleased. Dark but witty. The acting has been spot on for me when it comes to the main three.


Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone // I watched this one after reading the first couple. I had seen it years ago but wanted to be reminded again. God they were all so young!!

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban // I skipped the second movie to watch this one because I had seen it before. This was such a great  adaptation I think. It makes me excited to watch the rest!

What have you been watching lately?

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50 responses to “What I’ve Been Watching (2)

  1. Big Little Lies has been a nice surprise, I was a little leery too especially when they changed the setting from Australia to CA. Nothing against CA but I didn’t think the change boded well for being faithful to the book. Proved me wrong I guess! Agree with Christy about Riverdale. It’s kinda silly but I like it. 🙂
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  2. I need some new shows to watch when I’m running. I usually watch This is Us, but the season is over. I also watch American Housewife, which I love, but I’m all caught up. I want to try Good Place. I was also thinking about signing up for HBO for a free trial and binging Big Little Lies. 😉
    Brandie recently posted…{WWW Wednesday} 3-15-17My Profile

  3. I’m not really familiar with any of the TV shows (I don’t watch TV) but there’s no telling how many times I’ve seen the HP movies. 🙂 Prisoner of Azakaban wasn’t one of my favorites even though I loved Sirius. I really loved Order of the Phoenix and The Half-Blood Prince. And the Deathly Hallows. The only movie I’ve seen this year is Fifty Shades Darker which I thought was done really well (better than the first). And I’m excited for Beauty and the Beast releasing tomorrow!
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  4. I loved The Good Place! It made me smile and was so cute, but I never found myself laughing out loud. So just a nice, feel-good show 🙂 As we discussed on my blog I’m also loving Big Little Lies for sure. Those main actresses are killin it. I watched the first season of Girls but haven’t forced myself to continue yet haha. I liked it enough but I can totally see what you mean. The characters are fairly awful haha.
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  5. Grace I really need to make the time to catch up with all of my shows too, its just so hard to find the right balance between work, reading and TV! I loved The Great British Bake Off, it always made me super hungry when watching the show too. And I so need to get to my copy of Big Little Lies, so I can start the show too!
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  6. I might be the only one who hasn’t read and watched Harry Potter series yet. I’m planning to, though, because I’m curious. 🙁
    My husband and I watched three movies last week: Kong: Skull Island, Logan, and Lion. I enjoyed them, not necessarily because the movies were great but because it is very rarely we have a free time, spending together. So, the moments were precious. 😀
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  7. GIRLS!!! I love that show! I’ve only seen the first 2 seasons bc that’s all that’s on Prime– but I agree, love the show, can’t stand the characters!! It’s definitely not normal, but it’s also not a normal show. I do kind of love Shoshanna though. I don’t know what she gets up to in later seasons, but in the first 2, she’s awesome. And Marni makes me cringe SO HARD. It’s really hard for me to watch someone embarrass themselves so fully– but at the same time I MUST WATCH!!

    Also, HP movies!!! Daniel Radcliffe looks SO different from the first movie to the 3rd on those covers!! He grew up fast!
    Michelle recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday– Books I Read Super FastMy Profile

    • I think Season 2 and maybe 3 were eh but then it got better. Last season and this current season have been outstanding! But yeah I can’t stop watching but I hate them all. Marnie is the WORST! Shoshana and Ray I kind of like lol.

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