Top Ten Tuesday ~ I’m No Quitter…Except When I Am

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.
his week is all about quitting – what series, authors, bookish habits, etc.


Series I Have Quit


Black Dagger Brotherhood
Stephanie Plum books
Lucas Davenport series
Chaos Walking trilogy

I got really far in the BDB and Stephanie Plum books but I just couldn’t anymore. I made it to the second book of the Prey and Chaos Walking series. I DNFed both. These are ones I am pretty sure I will never go back to.

Authors I Have Quit (for now)


Jessica Sorensen
Jen Lancaster
Charlaine Harris

I say for now because I actually like all these authors but fell out of love at some point. Still, I can see at some point picking up one of their books – just not anytime soon.

Bookish Habits I Would Like to Quit


Checking my % ALL THE TIME on my Kindle
Feeling like I need to read at least three books a week
Buying books on sale that I know I will probably never read

These are all really hard for me and I doubt I will be able to do it!

What bookish things are you quitting??

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog


76 responses to “Top Ten Tuesday ~ I’m No Quitter…Except When I Am

  1. I check my % all the time as well when I use the Kindle app! I don’t know why… Does it really matter how far I’m in? I feel like I’m pressuring myself to read faster. I haven’t given up on the Stephanie Plum series, but I have lost a lot of my love for it. I adore the first books, up until like 12. Then it started going downhill for me. But I still have hopes for the next one -even though I know that’s kind of silly…

    Great post!
    Jolien recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up | October #1My Profile

  2. I think 3 is a really great goal. EXCEPT when we are not having a good week and then those 3 are completely unattainable. I always feel like NOT getting 3 read means I am a terrible book blogger. I need to read faster, or shirk more responsibilities IRL. (that is so not going to happen. my responsibilities talk to me, whine at me, get me money for more books, love me, and need me)
    I am constantly checking my % on my kindle. Is that something I should obsess about less? I can’t. My goal is always the 60+% because it is always downhill from there and seems to go really fast.
    Yes on buying books on sale. WTAF? I don’t need more books. I need 2 months of NO ARCs to read the stuff I already own.
    Great list!
    Karen Blue recently posted…Things I Need to Stop Doing ~Top 10 TuesdayMy Profile

    • I feel the same way . For some reason three is my magical number and if I don’t get to it I feel like I failed. Also agree that like 50%-60% means I can usually get the book done soon. I always struggle with the beginning. 2 Months of no ARCs sounds amazing to catch up on my own books!!

  3. I think I have read a book or two by Jessica Sorensen and liked them (can’t remember which ones though). The books you mentioned I have not read actually. And oh, the bookish habits….. I identify on all of them! Especially the sales… Even if I have the eARC and liked it, I will buy the book on sale. It’s a problem we need to quit haha
    Genesis recently posted…Sing Your Heart Out by Crystal Kaswell | Blog Tour & GiveawayMy Profile

  4. I used to be so bad for buying books on sale. I would think “but it’s only $5”. Then, of course, you do that more than once, and all of a sudden you have a pile of books you have no intentions of reading. I don’t have a Kindle, so unfortunately I can’t check to see my percentage. But on my iPad I am constantly using the calculator to divide my page number by the total pages LOL. It’s just a silly thing.
    Sarah recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday || Ten Book Series I Have Abandoned… For Now?My Profile

  5. Black Dagger Brotherhood! That was my first adult fantasy series and I adored it! ( I had to skip a lot of scenes though – I was too young for that! *blushes*) But I stopped somewhere around the 4th book as well. The series went on forever, and I can’t do long series. But I do have fond memories of the third book. That one was the best!
    Mishma recently posted…Top ten tropes I’ve stopped reading ( And probably miss reading, but I am not going to admit that)My Profile

  6. All the bookish habits that you want to quit, I’m right there with you. Whenever I read on my kindle I keep checking to see how much more I have to go. Sometimes it makes me get into the book more and then other times it makes me put off the book, which is awful of me…but it happens.

    Three books a week, yes. I haven’t been reading as much as I would like and it’s upsetting.
    Buying books on sale you’ll never read — that’s me to a tee.
    Erica recently posted…Did Not Finish: Yeah, I Do ItMy Profile

  7. I’ve given up on Stephanie Plum and Jessica Sorenson too. Especially the latter. Her books are always the same version of the same story and the cliffhanger endings drive me insane!
    I also obsessively check the page number on my e-reader too. And I feel horrible if I can’t read 3+ books a week too. It’s hard to quit! LOL!
    BTW, thanks for getting me hooked on Quantico! I watched the 1st two episodes and it’s driving me crazy because I want to know who did it!
    Nick recently posted…Review : The White Rose by Amy EwingMy Profile

    • I agree the stories were all too similar in her books. And she pumps those bad boys out i couldn’t keep up!
      WOOT WOOT!! So glad you are into Quantico. Amazing right??? I have no idea who did it but I am sure it is a big twist!!

  8. Great list, Grace! I kind of cringed to see Jessica Sorensen on your list because I have so many of her books but just haven’t dived into her series yet. Glad to know it’s not because you hate her writing or something. 🙂 And I totally do the same thing on my Kindle. I swear, I’m practically obsessive about checking what percent I’m at. 🙂
    Tanya recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Quitters EditionMy Profile

  9. Cheyanne

    I had to stop buying books on sale too! In fact, I’ve stopped buying books at all and mostly use Overdrive through my library 🙂 But I STILL check my progress like you do in Kindle 😉

  10. I pick up freebies all the time that I know I shouldn’t because I know I won’t read them! Thus cluttering up my cloud with literally, thousands of books. It’s insane. I think I have a problem. 🙁

    It is hard loving an author and then not, I felt the same way about Harrison, it is sad when it happens. Maybe someday we both can pick her back up and fall in love all over again. 😉
    kindlemom1 recently posted…Blog Tour Book Review and Giveaway: Illusion by Lea NolanMy Profile

  11. Absolutely agree with you about Stephanie Plum! It went from amusing and fun to frustrating and dragging. Steph’s idiocy (how many times in….21? books will that girl forget her gun? She’s a BOUNTY HUNTER, for god’s sake!), Morelli’s general douche self, and Ranger’s one word everything just grated one me. Plus, love triangles are the ban of my existence.

    I’ve only read one BDB, and all the POVs threw me off. I enjoyed it, though!
    The Bibliophile Babe recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Tropes I Want To Stop Reading AboutMy Profile

  12. I always aim to read 3 books a week, but I have come to the conclusion that I will only get to two. And not even. And I really want to read the Chaos Walking Series! Too bad you didn’t have a good time with it!! 🙁 🙁

    I also get really caught up with my Goodreads Challenge. Which is why I want to read 3 books a week, when I can’t. It is just hard to balance EVERYTHING.
    Valerie recently posted…Review: The Iron QueenMy Profile

  13. Ah, good list! I also have quit certain series and authors. We don’t need to apologize for it because either we have changed our interests or the author has changed their style. Sometimes familiarity becomes boredom.
    Loved your last few– checking %= guilty on my part, buying too many e-books on sale I don’t read= me again and feeling a need to read a certain number of books= way I used to feel. Now I read anywhere from 1-4 depending on my time and the size and intensity (page-turning draw) of a book. Thanks for your list!
    Rita recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday 10/6/15My Profile

    • Ha I know so many people love The Knife of Never Letting Go and Patrick Ness but I think he isn’t my cup of tea!!! I am waiting for the new JR Ward from the library. I have high hopes for it because I did like the BDB but I think I am not good with super long series.

  14. I quit the Stephanie Plum books too even though I did really enjoy the first few. But it was getting ridiculous.
    And I’ve never read Jessica Sorensen but she is on my list of authors to try as so many love her.
    I’m always checking the % on my kindle too, like I’m in a race. And worse I’m always doing the maths to see what the % is on my audible book. Why don’t they just give it to us and make life easier for us obsessives 😀
    Trish recently posted…Book Review: Tempus by Holly LaurenMy Profile

  15. I feel you with the 3 books thing. I get rather stabby if I only read two, which is ridiculous! And I quit Charlaine too, because I don’t think I can forgive her for Sookie. We are never, ever getting back together. And I will just sob quietly over Chaos Walking.

    Also I obsess over my Kindle % too, and I make it this weird, obsessive game where I WON’T allow myself to stop reading until I get to a certain percent. And this is why I never sleep 😉
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