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This week is 10 reasons I love “fill in the blank”. There are so many options!! But today I will tell you 10 reasons I love my Kindle and e-books.


So many books that I can bring with me anywhere

Nothing beats an e-book on sale

My Kindle makes reading at night a breeze

I can switch from my Kindle to reading on my phone seamlessly

My Kindle has lasted a long time and such a great investment


I can easily highlight and make notes on my e-books

eARCS are amazing and easy to get with Netgalley and Edelweiss

The fact that I can buy any book I want anytime anywhere and have it instantly

Library e-books are amazingly easy to borrow without leaving my house at all

It is small, light and easy to hold


So really what this tells you is I am kind of lazy, cheap and don’t like to leave my house. Lazy-PersonBut I swear I have good qualities too 🙂

Do you guys have a Kindle or E-reader? Do you enjoy them and ebooks like I do

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72 responses to “Top Ten Reason I Love . .

  1. I love a good hardback or paperback once in the while (I think it’s the smell and feel of the paper) but I’m completely in love with my Kindle and reading app on my phone. I can take them anywhere and literally have hundreds of books at my disposal, there is nothing like it!
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  2. So i’m really excited because I finally found my super old nook the other day (I moved in back home and avoided unpacking) and yay for not having to go the library all of the time. I am also incredibly lazy and now that its summer I just want to sit outside and pick a book and not have to go anywhere or do anything, because once again I am an incredibly lazy person lol. Happy Reading.
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  3. yessssss for Kindle love. Sometimes I feel like e-readers don’t get as much love because you stack them on top of each other/ in a bookshelf. Well, you could, but that’s not practical.

    All of these reasons were so on point! Ebook sales make my life. And I love looking at the hardcover price and it’s like $23 and the e-book is like $5. And it’s so comfortable to hold the Kindle in my hand and it’s light and fits in my purse perfect. Honestly, I tried to read a paper book the other day and thought I would die of frustration. Kindle ftw
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  4. Omg this is so accurate! I love ebooks/e-readers so much because of how convenient they are. I actually use a Kobo, but same idea, right? I have so many books available to read in a small, portable and light object, not to mention making notes and highlighting passages just got 10x easier. I’m against writing in my physical books? (Which makes remembering my favourite quotes and passages really hard lol.) So. Love this list! <3
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  5. LOL! Not to mention it’s a money saver….well, I tell myself it’s a money saver, since e-books are usually cheaper. However, I tend to wind up buying soooo many that I don’t want to look too closely at that one. 😉
    I also love the Whispersync option that Audible has that lets you switch from kindle to audio and back again. So convenient!
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  6. Yeah being able to buy a book anytime is a pretty good one! And I love how they’re cheaper too- although lately my ebooks seem to be more expensive. what’s up with that? I could never go back to not having an e- reader though… 🙂
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  7. “So really what this tells you is I am kind of lazy, cheap and don’t like to leave my house.” BWHAHAH dying. I feel you. Those are all excellent reasons, basically! I like it because of the eARCs and the note taking- though I used to use it for all the same reasons- the Kindle sales, the ease, etc., but then once I fell down the eARC rabbit hole, I pretty much use it exclusively for eARCs, and the occasional novella 😉
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  8. Oh my gosh, YESSS!!! I LOVE this so, so much. I rarely see posts praising ebooks/Kindles around and it makes me sad because I love them so much. I agree with all the points you mentioned. Despite my obsession with buying physical copies, ebooks are so much more convenient and the majority of the time I’ll always read the ebook version.

  9. Your bookstagram is so purdy. but lol for real, I’m starting to prefer E-ARCs and things over physical copies. It’s getting to be too much room. My Kindle dies so easily and it’s TINY. I usually have to turn it off after I finish reading (blah) or else, it’ll immediately lose battery. I’ll have to be like: “CHILL pls”
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  10. Yes, yes, and more yes! I adore my library of physical copies (and I do still buy physical books) but I equally love my Kindle for all the reasons you shared here. I love being able to switch reading from my iPad to my Kindle to my phone. I love that if I finish a book while out, I have hundreds of others with me that I can dive right into. I love being able to buy many e-books for just a dollar or two (or even freebies). I can’t imagine being without a kindle anymore.
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  11. What a fabulous list of reasons you have to love a kindle e reader!!! For the past five years I read with a nook, but a month ago I switched over to kindle and I LOVE it!! So much better and easier for reading. I am used to using a heavy tablet, and the fact I can hold it easily in one hand is so nice. I do like the format better too. It reads so much better for ARC’s. I have been really impressed. I am hooked on E-ink now, I just breeze my way through books. I don’t think I have picked up a printed book since I got it hehe Although I still plan on reading printed books probably not as often though. And Amazon has a fabulous book selection, I wish I had switched over a long while ago. Better late than never right? Great post here hun.
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