Top Ten All About Movie Adaptations

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Top Ten Tuesday is a meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish.
Today we are talking movie adaptations – ones we are looking forward to, ones we need to see, ones we would love to be made, etc.

Movie Adaptations I Still Need to See


Wild // I was eh on the book but I have heard the movie was better.
Still Alice // Loved the book and she won the Oscar so I assume it is good.
The Martian // I have heard nothing but good things about the movie.
Mockingjay Part 1 // It is just so long but I really want to watch this soon.
Insurgent //  Pure laziness here. Plus I heard so many mixed reviews.
Papertowns // Liked the book and now just waiting for it to come on demand.

Movie Adaptations I Am Excited For


The Girl on the Train // The cast sounds amazing with Emily Blunt, Jared Leto and Justin Theroux. I am concerned they are making a lot of changes : now set in NY and adding characters. We will see.
The Rosie Project // Loved the book and think the movie can be great
Where’d You Go Bernadette // Totally am interested in how they pull this off. No cast or dates announced yet.
Me Before You // I am stocking up on tissues for the sobfest this is sure to be.

BONUS : Some of My Favorite Adaptations



Which movie adaptations do you still need to watch?
Which ones are you excited for?
Which are your favorites?

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70 responses to “Top Ten All About Movie Adaptations

  1. All you’re doing here is reminding me of the books I need to hurry and read before I see any movie trailers. lol. The Girl on the Train and Me Before You are top of the list. I just watched Insurgent not too long ago. By “watched” I mean had it play in the background while I focused on other things.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…November 9 by Colleen HooverMy Profile

  2. So I never read Still Alice, but I made the mistake of watching the movie while I was on a long flight back home to the States. It was a mistake because I was totally ugly crying. Luckily, everyone around me was sleeping at the time, but I still tried really hard not to let anyone else know I was crying. Such a good movie though! I did not know there was an adaptation planned for The Girl On The Train. That is exciting!! The whole time I was reading it, I couldn’t help but think about how well it would be transformed into a movie. It was such a good books.
    Cynthia recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Book to Movie Adaptation Excitement!!My Profile

  3. I did not know Girl on the Train was going to be a movie. I need to pull my book out and actually read it. Great list, Hunger Games is one of my favorites!

  4. I have not read The Martian (just no interest despite all the raves 🙂 but my husband did so we plan on seeing the movie soon. I’m hearing it’s great! I decided to skip Paper Towns. I wasn’t a big fan of the book. I’m so excited about Me Before You! It was one of my favorite books of 2014 and I’m hopeful that they’ll do a great job with it. TFiOS is one of my favorite adaptations, too. Confession time: as much as I liked the book, I like the movie even more. The actors just *became* Hazel and Gus and I loved it.
    Tanya recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Book-to-Movie EditionMy Profile

    • I keep hearing how great The Martian the movie is so I am super excited to see it. Me Before You is one I will actually go to the theaters for. I don’t do it often but for that one I will. And I will Ugly Cry. TFIOS I also saw in the theaters and it was so bad with the crying I agree the book and movie are really close – I loved them both!!

  5. I am in LOVE with your list this week! The Martian is amazing (although a little long, so don’t do what I did and drink a big bottle of water in the first hour, because you will be bursting for the next 1.5 hours! I haven’t watched Paper Towns yet either, I don’t know, it doesn’t grab my attention like TFIOS did. I’ll probably watch it one day.
    YES YES YES to Me Before You. I can’t lie, I haven’t read it yet but from what I have heard about the book it is AMAZING! And I’ve still got time to read it before the film is released, and then we get Sam Claffin, lots of Sam Claffin 🙂
    I’ve loved the entire Hunger Games trilogy movie adaptations, they have been true to the books and I can’t believe we are at the end already. So excited for Mockingjay Part 2, but I also know it’s going to be totally emotional!
    Love your list! Hope you get to watch all of these! 🙂
    Hannah recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Movies Adaptations I Need/Want to WatchMy Profile

    • I totally didn’t realize The Martian would be that long of a movie! So I won’t lie – I had to look up who Sam Claffin was. Not exactly what I pictured but I am totally game! I really think The Hunger Games is one of the best translations. Everything just worked. Thanks!

  6. Tessa

    You have a pretty great list here! I am totally looking forward to seeing The Martian (after I read the book, of course) and Paper Towns. John Green books make pretty good movies! I cannot wait to hear more about the Looking for Alaska movie too.
    I will tell you that I was not super impressed with the Insurgent movie though. Just a warning, it is extremely different from the novel. I understand that sometimes that can be a good thing, but other times not so much.
    Tessa recently posted…Why I Didn’t Love The Cuckoo’s Calling by Robert GalbriathMy Profile

    • Ugh I know I have to get to see The Martian. I am so lazy though and will probably wait until it is on demand! Glad to hear Paper Towns was good. See Insurgent gets the MOST mixed reviews. It is so hard to know what to think!!! TFIOS was the best. Loved book and movie!!!

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