To All the Books I Did Not Finish 2016

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Before blogging I don’t think I really DNFed books. I slogged through no matter what. I sill felt that way in the beginning of blogging – especially with ARCs. But things have changed. I am not afraid to DNF. There are just too many books out there to not enjoy reading. There are a few times where I genuinely am just putting the book aside until I am ready. I have at least one of those this year. I just wanted to run through the books I just couldn’t make it through this year and why.


America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t // I listened to another book by him this year and loved it. Funny and super quick. I tried this and it was  too much of the same and I wasn’t in the mood.

We Were Never Here // I had put this off when I originally got it because I started seeing some bad reviews. Then I finally picked it up and man I just couldn’t. I tried to make it to 25% but only made it about 16% when I was done. I just wasn’t invested at all.

Dad is Fat //  I love Jim Gaffigan. I’ve seen his stand up live I watched his show (since been cancelled but I still thought it was good so I thought i would try one of his books. I didn’t make it far. They were super short little chapters – some funny some way too random. It wasn’t for me.

The Girls of Atomic City // I was so excited to listen to this for the WWII blogging event last year. Then I was confused and it wasn’t at all what I expected. I gave it longer than I should have and then finally pulled the plug.

The Foxhole Court // I still have no idea WTF was going on. There was a made up sport, and there was some dangerous background on the MC? He knew the other guy but he didn’t recognize him and then my head hurt. I wanted to love this but yeah didn’t happen.

Fates and Furies // I tried listening to this and was confused. I really want to read this so I will pick up the actual book at some point and give it one more try.

Every Last Breath // Ugh I loved this series. The first two books were so good. I think I changed and not the books by the time I picked this up. I genuinely didn’t care and read spoilers.

This Too Shall Pass // This was translated into English and I really believe something was lost in there. It was just too choppy for me.

Glass Sword // LOVED Red Queen. Listened to it and loved it. Listened to Glass Sword and gave up very early. Just didn’t have the same feeling to me.

The Mother Road // Bah I wanted to love this. Did you see the cover? Plus it was funny. But at 31% I just didn’t care and not enough was going on for me.

Do you DNF books? How many did you DNF this year? Do you ever plan on picking any of them back up again?

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58 responses to “To All the Books I Did Not Finish 2016

  1. I do DNF if it’s not working. And I know some people give 20% or whatever but I go with my gut- I usually know a ways in if it’s not for me, and yeah life’s too short to read something I don’t want to lol. Luckily I’ve been pretty fortunate with what I pick out so haven’t had to DNF very often. Maybe a few times this year.
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  2. I read Every Last Breath, in about half a day. JLA’s books are so easy to read and, I realized this before I picked up this last book, that a lot of her characters across all her YA series are pretty much the same person. Mostly the make love interest is always almost exactly the same. I kind of don’t mind because her books are fun to read. But I also realized that I have kind of outgrown her books. I’m 30, most of her books are aimed towards mid-teen to early 20’s people. Not to say that someone my age can’t read her books, or shouldn’t. But you really should only read things you enjoy.

    I’ve never had a problem with feeling guilty about DNFing books I’m not enjoying. There are so many books that I want to read to waste my time reading something I’m not having fun reading.
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  3. According to GR, I’ve DNF 3 books this year. I thought there would be more, but then remembered I have my to be continued shelf and most of the ones I didn’t finish are there. I’m genuinely interested in them to finish them. I just don’t know when that will be :/
    Like you, I used to not DNF. But I’ve had to do since there are better books out there.
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  4. I think I DNFed 10 this year, which is actually pretty good compared to how much I DNFed last year! I feel you about Glass Sword. I loved Red Queen, but I really have no interest in reading the sequel. And ahh people have been pressuring me to read The Foxhole Court, but that ugly cover makes it so hard for me to pick it up! I think I’m good not reading it for now.
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  5. I don’t feel even a little bit bad about DNFing books anymore. There are just too many books out there that I want to read to continue reading something that’s not working for me. I’m sorry to see you DNF’d Every Last Breath and The Mother Road though. I really enjoyed both of them. That said, I totally get it. I actually just DNF’d a book the night before last. I made it about 30% in, which is further than it usually takes for me to eject, but I just didn’t care about the characters.
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  6. Yeah, I’ve definitely DNF’ed books – more so this year than usual, I think… And I don’t have any kinds of rules as for when I stop. I have two different shelves for DNFs though, one is plain DNF and the other is ‘get back to later’… I have to admit I haven’t actually gotten back to any of those, though.
    I may steal this for the week between Christmas and New Years as I have bookish tags going on that week 🙂
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  7. Aw man, I JUST bought The Foxhole Court too. Sadness. I also LOVE the cover for Mother Road, so this is a double dose of sad. I haven’t read Red Queen yet, but this doesn’t bode well either. Also sad about We Were Never Here, but like you said, I saw some really negative reviews so I am not shocked. And I have been picker with the “funny memoirs” lately. I just am not as easily amused as I used to be. As for DNfing… I don’t think I DNFed ANY books this year! I almost DNFed a few, but then finished. And was split on whether it was a good or bad decision. I should have DNFed a few that I almost did, BUT there were 2 that I almost DNFed that I ended up liking so… yeah, I can’t be trusted 😉 Glad you were able to cut these loose thougH!
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  8. Aww, I’m sad you didn’t finish Dad Is Fat! I read both of Jim Gaffigan’s books and thought they were hilarious. I’m glad I started with Food: A Love Story, though. I’m big on DNFing a book … I can’t read as much as I use to so I have to be selective!

  9. When it comes to DNFing books it really depends on the reason why. If its my mood, then I mark it to return to it later. But if its not engaging or has aspects that aren’t for me, then I don’t plan on picking it up again. Thankfully it only happens a few times a year.
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  10. Ah I abandoned that JLA series after the first book haha. I’m tempted to just read the spoilers but I keep thinking MAYBE I’ll pick it up again sometime. Doubtful though.

    I’ve heard weird things about that Foxhole Court book series. People seem to really love it but to be completely honest and bratty, I cannot get past the covers! LOL UGH

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