Ten Characters Names I Like but Wouldn’t Name My Kid After

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Ok so I pretty much did this already on a freebie week (see here). Still I love talking names and books so this time I will list out character names I love but would never name my kids after. The reason is I know I could never get my husband to agree to them!! He is kind of picky and doesn’t always like the names I do. So if I had free reign these might be a go but I don’t.


Seven Ways We Lie | Juniper: I think this is different enough without being super kooky. Plus June is a good nickname.
Scarlet|Scarlet: I just think Scarlet is kind of pretty. Very feminine.
Last Seen Leaving | January : Again I think this is different enough but not super weird.
Autofocus | Maude : Ugh I LOVE this name. It has such great old lady charm.
The Truth According to Us | Willa : I love that is simple, pretty and not very common.


Unexpected Everything | Clark : Kind of old school and distinguished sounding. Also Clark was my favorite book BF this year.
How to Keep Rolling After a Fall | Pax : I mean I know it short for something – Paxton? I think it is a fun name.
Defending TaylorEzra : I love how it is not super popular but a strong name.
Cress | Thorne : Ok so maybe not a real name but I loved this character and it extends to me loving his name too.
The Vanishing Year | Cash : I have liked this name for a while. I knew it wouldn’t ever be an option for a kid but maybe a doh one day??

What are some of your favorite literary names you would name something after?

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72 responses to “Ten Characters Names I Like but Wouldn’t Name My Kid After

  1. I like January a lot (what is it with month names, but some of them- like April- actually work) and Scarlet too (just a classy name). they’re different enough you don’t see them much although January’s probably a lot more rare. Maybe.

    Fun list!
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  2. You’re right Juniper is just different enough, but not so different that it’s weird. And I’ve always thought Scarlet was a pretty name. Clark is a nice name too. I like names that have that hard K sound in them (and no, not because my name starts with a K lol). And I like Pax too 🙂 I don’t now what it’s short for, but Paxton sounds good lol.
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  3. This is so fun! I have a friend from high school who named his daughter Scarlet. And their last name is Rose. How cute is that!! We got so much grief about choosing Sunnie for our daughter. Because it was different. We were set on Sonny for a boy (going all out Italian – my husband’s name is Nunzio), and when we were trying to find a girl’s name, we loved the same name for her! It ended up being perfect for her personality.
    I love all of these names!
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  4. I have always loved the name January as well and think it would be a super cool name to have. Doesn’t hurt that it’s my birthday month. My husband and I don’t always see eye to eye on pet names so I can’t imagine kids. However, together we’ve named some pretty cool dogs – Cicero, Barkley, Booker T, Cooper and Cassius so I guess we’re doing OK.

  5. I adore Juniper, Maude and Willa! They all have that kind of old-fashioned classic feel while also being really unusual. Great choices!

  6. Love the name January! Like you said, different without being *too* different. Pax is a fun one. I don’t think I’ve come across that one before. Ezra – that’s another one I haven’t encountered. Not sure how I feel about that one. Sounds biblical, maybe? And Cash is very cool. I feel like I’ve come across a character named Cash before but I’m drawing a blank on which book it was from. Great picks, Grace!
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  7. Actually, my husband’s cousin is named January. I wondered where they got the name for her from. I never asked, though. We don’t talk to them anymore. His entire family is a little off kilter. Case in point, my husband’s real name is Cristen…. his mom is whack. I even told her so once. UGH…

    Great list!! And yeah, my hubs is super picky, too. Men…
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  8. Yes! There are so many names I love, but just would never name my child because I don’t know, it seems too out there? Or maybe just doesn’t fit. (Like Cash, or Pax). But who knows, I’ll probably end up choosing some name that doesn’t mean that much to me haha.
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    • Yeah I like them but the hubby looks at me like I am crazy when I said those two. Oh well. Someone somewhere will name their human children those names lol. Yeah when you know someone with a name and they are weird it kind of ruins the name. Thanks!

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