Ten Books On My TBR From Before I Started Blogging

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This week is Books On My TBR From Before I Started Blogging. This was easy for me since I have a personal Goodreads account so I went on there and looked at what was sitting on my to read shelf from before I started blogging.


The Kite Runner // The Virgin Suicides // The Discovery of Witches // Smashed // Inferno // Covet // Promises to Keep // Orphan Train // Pride and Prejudice // Life After Life

What pre-blogging books are on your TBR still?

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72 responses to “Ten Books On My TBR From Before I Started Blogging

  1. Oooh, you should definitely read “A Discovery of Witches” and “Orphan Train”! I liked “The Kite Runner” a lot, but I actually liked Hosseini’s second book, “A Thousand Splendid Suns,” better. And “Inferno” was pretty good; I’m excited to see the movie. “Pride and Prejudice” is a book I’ve meant to read for ages and I’m FINALLY making it my mission to do so! I decided to buy a copy, but I need to track down just the right one first. There are too many gorgeous covers to choose from! And “Life After Life” is high up on my TBR list. I got it from my Broke and Bookish Secret Santa last Christmas and still haven’t read it!

  2. I devoured all of Dan Brown’s books pre-blogging, but have yet to read Inferno! I’m sure it would be just as addicting. I should pick it up one day. I’ve also had A Discovery of Witches on my shelf forever. It’s so big and intimidating!
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  3. I loved the Kite Runner and I’m so glad that it was required reading for me in college because I don’t think I would have been brave enough to pick something so out of my comfort zone.
    I’ve tried to read the classics, including Pride and Prejudice so many times and they are all on my TBR, but I don’t think I’ll ever get them off my list. I just don’t find them easy to read.
    I hope you manage to read all of these books!

  4. Kristi

    I probably have hundreds on my list from pre-blogging. (I’ve only been blogging about 18 months, but started Goodreads at least five years ago. I’m REALLY good at clicking the “want to read” button. 🙂 ) Inferno and Pride and Prejudice are on there for sure. I’ve read Life After Life and Discovery of Witches and loved both of those books. (I thought Discovery of Witches was the best in that trilogy by far. The other books were okay but not nearly as good as that first one.)

    Do you think you’ll ever get to any on this list? My TBR grows so fast I’m sure I won’t read most of the books on it. Sad, but true. 🙂
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  5. Wow, I’ve finally found someone who hasn’t read P&P. I thought that I was the last person on the earth to have read it (I got a lot of grief from my friends about waiting so long to read it) I definitely recommend it because it’s good stuff. I could have kicked myself for waiting so long.

    The only other book on my TBR pile from your list is Promises to Keep by Jane Green. I need to check those other books out.
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  6. I’m loving seeing what books have been lounging on everyone’s TBR for a while. 🙂 I’ve only read two from your list – Pride and Prejudice (many moons ago) and Promises to Keep (not my fave by Green but still a good story). Covet is on my TBR, too. I bought it at a signing Tracey was doing and have yet to read it. Oops!
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  7. I don’t think I have a ton of pre blogging books on my shelf, but I definitely have some. I always think I’ll get to them, and I never seem to. Smashed and Life After Life look interesting (I like the cover on LAL).
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  8. The Discovery of Witches looks really good and I feel like I should read The Kite Runner but I’m not sure I want too. I have read Pride and Prejudice and while I liked it I just can’t muster the same amount of love that so many people seem to have for that book and Austen in general. I’m mean it’s a good read but not life changing.
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  9. I recently read PRIDE & PREJUDICE for the first time. I thought I had read it, but I don’t think I actually had! It’s very charming. I also liked (but didn’t love) THE ORPHAN TRAIN. I’ve read THE KITE RUNNER, but it was a loonnngg time ago and pre-blog, so I don’t remember what I thought about it …

    Happy TTT!

  10. The Orphan Train is really good. That one had been on my TBR for ages and I finally read it earlier this year. Same with Kite Runner. I think I liked Kite Runner more. I also read Pride and Prejudice last year and I didn’t like it that much. But maybe that’s because I am not really a classics person anyway. I just find the writing so hard to get through sometimes.
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  11. All these TBR posts are just a GIANT reminder of my equally giant list of books I haven’t read. I have wanted to tackle Pride and Prejudice for years but I still haven’t been able to convince myself to actually do it. And The Virgin Suicides always sounds so intriguing. Awesome list!
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