State of the ARC ~ September 2017

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This is a new meme started over at Avalinah’s BooksState of the ARC is meant to be a meme for tracking your ARC progress. I love the idea of checking in to see where my ARC list is and my progress.

I have done well recently with not requesting a lot and honestly I haven’t been approved for most of those so I really have made good progress on what I do have. I just overloaded myself earlier this year and promise not to do that to myself again. I hope to get this list way down by the end of the year.


Unread: 12

Read, Not Reviews: 2


Unread: 22

Read, Not Reviews: 3

From Publisher




Are you better with ARCs than me? Do you have a method in which you don’t get so behind (like me)?

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40 responses to “State of the ARC ~ September 2017

  1. Sam@WLABB

    I would be embarrassed to post mine. I have a ton of books from EW to read, but in all fairness, almost all of them are unpublished, so I have time. I am better with the NG books. I think because they are usually posted closer to publication, so I read them sooner. I see a few up there I would love to read though (CoHo, Shalvis, Nowhere Near You).
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  2. I would jump up and down with joy if my backlog of ARCs ever got down to these numbers. I have over 100 books to read on NG alone. Yes over 100. Some of these date back to 2013 when I was new and didn’t know what I was doing (still don’t really). I do actually do a much better job of keeping up with requested books now. I have 15 or so books from EW to read as well. Good luck!
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  3. Oh, I like this idea! Nice way to keep track of what you need to read/review and for who. I have a few Netgalley books that I still need to read – but not too many. I’m trying not to request too much because I still have a lot from ALA earlier this summer. HOWEVER, I’m close to finishing September review books and then I can get a head start on October. After that, it slows down a lot.

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  4. I have so many that I don’t think I could fit them in one post. LOL. I don’t use Edelweiss as much as I should. I forget about it sometimes. You have to read Without Merit soon!! And From Sand and Ash!
    There’s a few on your list that are on mine. Hopefully we’ll love them!
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  5. Okay, seeing all your pending ARCs makes me feel sooo much better about my own, Grace. LOL I requested too many (totally not Ike me), got approved for more than I anticipated, and all of a sudden July thru October is bogged down with ARCs. I’m slowly getting thru them and have sworn not to do this to myself again.

    So envious that you were approved for Without Merit! That’s one of my most anticipated releases of the year. From Sand and Ash was wonderful. I read it back in January and it will definitely be among my top favorites of 2017. I also have Top Ten and Kiss Me In New York pending. Need to get to those soon. Good luck with making progress!
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  6. Wow, you have a lot of AMAZING ARCs! I’m so excited for you! I really want to read many of the books you mentioned here, but I’m particularly looking forward to your reviews for Dress Codes for Small Towns and Coming Up For Air. Those are two books I’m very interested about.
    I recently read a short, beautiful and absolutely fantastic short story written by Courtney C. Stevens, so I’m expecting her book to be good.
    I love this new meme and I will definitely check out all of your updates!

  7. A. I LOVE the title State of the ARC. B. Too bad I don’t do Edelweiss because I really want to read Top Ten and Far From Tree.

    I have The Hanging Girl and I’m definitely reading that. I read Grit and liked it. I have a stack that I still need to get to– but most of them are September and October releases. Good luck with all these!
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  8. Lies She Told looks pretty good. Eight Days on Planet Earth is one I’m thinking of getting. The secret History of Us and Grit I enjoyed. The Breakdown I’m actually reading now and it’s not bad, but I’m not very far along yet.
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  9. This is a great idea of a post Grace! I am always behind on my ARC books and love making any sort of lists to keep on track with them, I am slowly getting better and I’m happy my feedback percentage is slowly getting better! I have a few of the same books as you, so if you do want to buddy read them together, so we can get our piles down let me know (I have copies of The Whole Thing Together and Without Merit). Good luck!
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  10. You have some work there, Grace. 🙂 You can do it!! I’ve actually been really good about ARC’s this year. I’m proud of myself for keeping my requesting down and for keeping up with my reads and my reviews, as well as reading stuff that I bought and never read.

    Good luck with your challenge, I have every faith that you’ll catch up and rock this one.
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  11. This sounds like a great way to track ARC progress whilst keeping on top of titles too. There are quite a few books here, but a bunch of them sound like really great reads – you’ve got this! I don’t request too many review books, and only use Netgalley, however I only ever request books I would buy with my own money in a bookshop. When I’ve actually been approved, which isn’t always the case, I keep on top of the dates & such – also I only request a set number of titles for each month, typically no more than 4.

    Good luck!!!
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  12. This is a great idea! I’m completely caught up as of August! *falls over* but I would totally do this if I wasn’t. It took me a year to accomplish. Now I’m on to my regular, physical TBR pile.
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  13. This is a great meme. The only system I really have to keep track of my ARCs is a spreadsheet that I print out and hang over my computer so I can keep an eye on upcoming publication dates, etc. I also put them on my Outlook calendar at work so that I get reminders a week before the publication date, in case I haven’t even started reading the book yet. Where I fail though is that if I miss the publication date, then the ARC will usually just sit there indefinitely. I don’t request or get approved for a lot of ARCs so I only have one like that right now but the publication date was back in June and I still haven’t read it.
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  14. I’m so awful about ARCs. I’ve tried to cut down on requesting but have had mixed results. I did finally stop messing around with Edelweiss because it just felt like I was overloaded enough with NetGalley and publisher requests but every once in awhile I can hear it calling me! Looks like you’re making good progress! All total you only have 37 unread which is doable!
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  15. So, this was me, basically. I used to have SO many. And I don’t even know what happened, but… I have TWO left to read. Two. And one isn’t out til February. So there’s that. I do, however, have a lot left to review. Erm, 15 apparently. That is a lot of reviews to write, so I clearly fail. Yikes. But yeah, I think I have just been much more careful with the books I am requesting because like you said, I had gotten in wayyy over my head. I mean, I read and reviewed them all, but it was a LOT. Like, 20+ a month. Had to end. And now I think I may have gone too far in the other direction? Either way, this is a great idea!
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