Six Moments I Remember Best in Books

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I feel like there are six types of moments I remember best in books. You know the moments that stick out and stick with you. If not the exact moment, you remember the book that prompted the moment. I have a craptastic memory so I tend to just remember the  book and a vague idea of when the moment happened. Still, I have six types of moments I tend to remember best and they are:

The WTF Moment

You know that moment. The one where you are reading a book, you think you know what’s going on, where it is going then BAM! There it is. The twist. The WTF just happened moment. I have to admit this is the best feeling. I love being thoroughly mind fucked by a book. Is that weird??
Books that had this moment for me: Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, Dangerous Girls

The Make You Ugly Cry Moment

I’m a cryer with books. Big time. Still they don’t all make me ugly cry. That is saved for a few special books. You know the ones that tear your heart out, smash it then try to put it back for you (or not.) Whether a character dies, something amazingly good happens or god knows what else there is that moment the water works starts for me.
Books that had this moment for me: The Fault In Our Stars, Bright Side, The Nightingale

The HEA Moment

Oh you know this one. At the end when everything works out perfectly. The couple is together, the family is healed, the hero saves the day and so on and so forth. Everything is tied up neatly but you want it to be like that!! I love me some HEA!
Books that had this moment for me: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, The Rain Sparrow, Before We Were Strangers

The I Want To Slap The Shit Out of This Character Moment

There aren’t many times but sometimes there is just a character who annoys the living shit out of me. Like how can they be so awful?? Why would people put up with them? I literally want to slap them and slap them hard.
Books that had this moment for me: Anne &Henry (in which I wanted to slap them all), The Last Anniversary, Those Secrets We Keep

The LOL Moment

I love books that make me laugh. Whether it is the whole book or just some parts. For a book to get me to actually laugh out loud though it has to be pretty darn funny.
Books that had this moment for me: Denton Little’s Deathdate, Attachments, Furiously Happy

The It Stays With You After The Book Is Over Moment

There are those books you read and you liked and then that is it. You move on and you ever really think about it again. There there are books that stick with you . You find yourself thinking about it days, weeks, months or even years later.
Books that had this moment for me: Tell the Wolves I’m Home, Other Broken Things, Maybe In Another Life

What are your favorite moments in books? What books have stuck with you?

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

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62 responses to “Six Moments I Remember Best in Books

  1. I seem to remember totally random moments. The Time Traveler’s Wife has always stuck with me. But The Passage by Justin Cronin is a book that has the most. Ever since I read it years ago, random scenes always pop in my head at random time. It’s weird. lol.
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  2. The WTF moments always stick with me most. That Dangerous Girls twist had me like ???!!?@?!?!? Same w/ Gone Girl. I love being completely fooled though. Also your last type is my favorite. I love when I read a book and I don’t really expect it to stay with me, but then it DOES!! It’s always the oddest books too… like ones I didn’t even like that much while I was reading them, but then I can’t stop thinking about them as time goes on. Those are the books where I always end up reading everything the author writes.
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  3. LOVE this post so much!!!
    Yes, every TJR book has stayed with me for a long time afterwards. I’m still thinking about One True Loves, and I read it months ago. Her books just have that power over me.
    The Nightingale – omg, I UGLY cried. Sobbed uncontrollably. I have always cried like that with Hannah’ books. Every single one. But that one, wow – it moved me.
    I cried when I finished the new CoHo book, too. Just fair warning! Lol.
    Everyone loves The Bright Side, but I couldn’t get into it. Maybe I missed something there…
    Great post!!
    Brandie recently posted…TBR Thursday {11}My Profile

  4. I love the WTF moments and The Girl on the Train and Gone Girl definitely had major WTF moments. I haven’t read Dangerous Girls, but I’m adding it to my TBR now. My mom read The Nightingale and said she ugly cried too. The last book that made me cry was Me Before You and I must be a glutton forr punishment because I can’t wait to see the movie. Great post!

  5. Love. This. Post, Grace! 🙂 And while the choice of books will (almost) always be different, everyone can relate to every one of these moments. When it comes to ugly crying, The Nightingale, for sure. Sobbing. The only book that comes to mind for wanting to slap the shit out of a character is one I DNF’d called Now & Forever by Susane Colasanti. OMG, the female MC was such an insufferable, sanctimonious little twit that I totally wanted to slap her. Ones that have stayed with me: almost everything by Kristin Hannah, The Bronze Horseman, Jemima J by Lisa Jewell, Sunday’s at Tiffany’s by James Patterson (can’t even explain why on this one – it just has).
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  6. The things that mostly stick with me…are deaths. Haha. It’s really no surprise that I remember the really sad parts, because I just CRY, and of course I will remember crying!

    There are so many books on here that I still need to get to. The Nightingale, Furiously Happy. THERE’S THE POTATO PEEL BOOK AGAIN <3
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  7. I love those twisty moments especially when you don’t see ’em coming. That’s the best. There were a couple of moments like that in The Passenger which I recently read- I was like gah what??? Wanting to slap a character- yup that one too. And the stick with you moment- -it’s funny how some books affect us and others are just whatever.

    I would add that moment when you realize a book is REALLY going to be good- that’s pretty satisfying too. 🙂
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  8. The WTF moments are the most memorable for me too! Umm Dangerous Girl ruined me at the end. I re-read the ending 3 times or so and then even had to text a friend to ask her if I was reading right! I also tend to remember the negative parts of a book more than the positive parts, which is sad, but I guess a negative reaction is just more impactful?
    Anyways, I’m also a pro at remembering the HEA moments and also first kisses! But that’s because I will re-read them a bazillion times if I love them. 🙂
    Really fun post, Grace! 🙂
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  9. I’m glad I saw this post before I started reading The Nightingale. I cry easily so now I know not to read it in public lol. Also I agree with your thoughts on Anne and Henry. So many characters that needed a slap.

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