Series I Want to Continue/Finish This Year

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I don’t read a ton series – or I try not to anyways. Still there were some I have started that I really want to finish or continue this year. Here they are.

Finished Series

Book Read: 2
Books Left:2
Why I like this series: I put this series off for so long. I have no idea why. I had seen The Deal everywhere but I so so loved it when I finally picked it up. I mean sexy hockey players for the win! The Mistake was soo good too. I own the other two books so this year I will get them read for sure.

Book Read: 1
Books Left:2
Why I like this series: Bittersweet was great because grumpy farmer and the setting was amazing. I hear the next books are even better so I need to get them and read them ASAP. 

Book Read: 1
Books Left:2
Why I like this series: I listened to the audio for Mr. Mercedes in 2015 and really really liked it. I love getting to hear the side of the bad guy which we got.  Why I have not picked up the next books I have no clue. I want to at least get to Finders Keepers this year on audio.

On Going Series

Book Read: 1
Books Left That Are Out:1
Why I like this series: I don’t really read a lot of cozies but I enjoyed this one. The small town setting of a year long Christmas themed town was lots of fun. I got the next book at Christmas and want to get to it while it is still chilly and kind of in the Christmas spirit.

Book Read: 1
Books Left That Are Out (soon):1
Why I like this series: Love the gender swap here. Also, the first book was good but picked up speed as it went on so I think the second book will really be great.

Book Read: 1
Books Left That Are Out (soon):1
Why I like this series: The first book was so super funny and has such a different premise. I wonder how it translates into book two.

Book Read: 1
Books Left That Are Out (soon):1
Why I like this series: I didn’t think I would love Because You’ll Never Meet Me as much as I did. It was different and I loved the turn it took at the ed. I have no idea how book 2 will play out but I am excited.Book Read: 1
Books Left That Are Out:1
Why I like this series: Um have you seen these books??? They are gorgeous and awesome and different. I finally got to Illuminae at the end of last  year and just for Gemina in the mail so I am pumped to get to it soon.

What series are you reading this year?

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57 responses to “Series I Want to Continue/Finish This Year

  1. Kristi

    I really enjoy to read series when you find characters you enjoy. I read A Study in Charlotte and wasn’t too crazy about it, but I’m willing to give the next one a try. And I have all three of the Mr. Mercedes books but just haven’t started them yet. Sounds like they are a good pick for audio books too. I need to try Illuminae also. Great list!
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  2. I didn’t read Mr. Mercedes, so maybe that’s why I didn’t like Finders Keepers? Stephen King has always been hit or miss for me. That’s why I love his short story compilations. I may LOVE one story, but hate the next and that’s fine, because there’s another story just a turn of the page away!

  3. I’ve definitely been keeping up with Illuminae. I can’t wait for the third book, but I’m a bit sad it’s at the end. I have some series I still need to finish (all books are out) but I tend to not start that many series to begin with because it’s hard to keep up with.

    I still need We Wish You a Murderous Christmas to read too. Hopefully in February; as you said, it will be nice to read when it’s still cold.

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  4. I haven’t picked up Elle Kennedy’s romance series, yet but I love her romantic suspense series. I have the first two books, The Deal and The Mistake, but I just haven’t set aside the time. Must get to it soon seeing as so many readers love it. I’ve read Bittersweet by Sarina Bowen and really excited to read the next one! I plan on continuing the Mercy Thompson series, Kate Daniels and The Others by Anne Bishop. Great post, Grace! 🙂
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  5. So many good series! I definitely need to continue with the Off Campus series. I loved The Deal so I’m not sure why I haven’t inhaled the others yet. And the True North trilogy by Sarina Bowen… I fell in love with the covers before I ever read a synopsis. 🙂 I actually keep a list (well, a spreadsheet) of all my ongoing series, what books are out, what’s coming, which I’ve read/own… it’s the Type A in me. LOL But it totally helps me not forget any.
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  6. I hope to read the Bill Hodges series by Stephen King this year… I haven’t made a start on them yet, unlike you, but I do already own the first two in the series. I think the story perspective is something you don’t see often and that’s why I’m keen to read them.

    I’m terrible at completing series…
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  7. Every time I see The Deal I fangirl so hard, I love it! And its the only book from the series I’ve loved so much, maybe next is The Score even though I’ve read all the books, the Mistake wasn’t as captivating as the Deal. And I loved the True North series. That’s pretty much all the books from your list I’ve read cause my list of on going series is a mile long and I’ll never get to finish
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  8. Oh I read and loved the Off-Campus series by Elle Kennedy last year! The first two are definitely my favorites, but the last two are so much fun as well! The Sarina Bowen series is still on my TBR, as is Illuminae/Gemina. Hopefully this will be the year I’ll finally read them 🙂
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  9. I am so bad about finishing series too, so I feel you! I 100% vote yes for the first two series though! 😉 I need to read Gemina too, but I don’t know, I just haven’t been motivated to pick it up despite all the great reviews!
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