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I received this book for free from Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review ~  Has to Be LoveHas To Be Love by Jolene Perry
Published by Open Road Media on September 15th 2015
Genres: Young Adult
Pages: 272
Format: eARC
Source: Publisher via Netgalley
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3.5 Stars

Years ago, Clara survived a vicious bear attack. She’s used to getting sympathetic looks around town, but meeting strangers is a different story. Yet her dreams go far beyond Knik, Alaska, and now she’s got a secret that’s both thrilling and terrifying—an acceptance letter from Columbia University. But it turns out her scars aren’t as fixable as she hoped, and when her boyfriend begins to press for a forever commitment, she has second thoughts about New York. Then Rhodes, a student teacher in her English class, forces her to acknowledge her writing talent, and everything becomes even more confusing—especially with the feelings she’s starting to have about him. Now all Clara wants to do is hide from the tough choices she has to make. When her world comes crashing down around her, Clara has to confront her problems and find her way to a decision. Will she choose the life of her dreams or the life that someone she loves has chosen? Which choice is scarier?  


Clara lives in Alaska with her dad. Her mom had died years earlier during a bear attack which also severely scarred Clara. Clara has to live with these scars on her face and back and they serve as constant reminders of her mom. She is also super self-conscious about them and is resigned to staying in her small town to avoid having to meet new people and deal with the uncomfortableness her scars make people feel. She also has a boyfriend Elias who is also set to stay in the small town and be part of the family business. Except she has dreams of being a writer and going to Columbia like her mother – and she got accepted. When a new student teacher – who just so happens to be from Columbia – comes to town everything turns upside down for Clara.

Things I loved:

Alaska. The setting is in Alaska and I love it. I haven’t read a book that takes place there and I liked the different things it brought up – how it stays light/dark for longer periods of time, how they get around, what normal conveniences I normally take for granted that they don’t have close by.

Listening to Yourself. A strong theme I noticed was really listening to yourself and doing what you think is right. Even if it’s testing certain boundaries. I felt that in the end Clara found her way and even though she was confused (on a lot of things) for a while she  really did what she thought was right, even if she made mistakes along the way.

Bookworm. YAY for bookworms and writers. Clara wanted to be a writer and was always reading. She went to the bookstore as much as she could.

“Sometimes the bookstore feels as much like church as church”*

Her Dad. He was so sweet and supportive of Clare. He seemed to be trying really hard to get the single parent thing right.

Elias. He was perfect. Maybe too perfect. Still his sweetness won me over. He loved Clara so much. I think he always wanted the best for her and it was Clara making too many assumptions about their relationship.

Ending. For a while, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the book or where it was going but I liked where it ended up.

Things I disliked:

Love Triangle. Ugh. I mean I saw it coming. But a student teacher. So wrong. For a while I even liked him so I was like this isn’t that bad. Then I was eh on him. Then I was done with him. Clara also made me mad with handling both of the guys.

Clara Indecision/Noncommunication. I really wished she would have talked to people more about what she was feeling. She did tell her best friend but never the people she actually needed to talk to like her dad or Elias. I feel like if she could have opened up more things wouldn’t have gotten so away from her the way they did.

There were also some religious overtones in the book that came up which wasn’t a positive or negative for me just kind of there. It was an easy read and went really quick. I liked it but wasn’t sure how much because of my dislikes – which were of the bigger variety. I think it was somewhere between a 3 and a 4 but would recommend for people who like a YA book with lessons learned and an MC who finds their way.

*Quote taken from advanced copy which may not end up in final copy.

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45 responses to “Review ~ Has to Be Love

  1. I don’t think I’ve read anything set in Alaska either. So that’s really interesting! Another part I find intriguing is the dad. You mentioned he’s a single parent, and really supports his daughter. I’m now ten times more likely to pick it up, because I feel like a lot of YA books lack a parent, which I find really unrealistic. I think I’ll be adding this one to the TBR, despite the love triangle.

    Great review!
    Jolien recently posted…Review: Queen of Shadows |Spoiler-freeMy Profile

  2. OMG GORGEOUS REVIEW GRACE <3 I totally want to read this now! I love the idea (and the beautiful cover) of the book, and being a lover of fluffy contemporaries, I'm really excited to get my hands on this one! I love how it's set in Alaska!!! But can't believe there's a love triangle. Still. I really hope to read this soon, and thanks so much for sharing your review!
    Jillian recently posted…Monthly Rewind: August, Fun MonthMy Profile

  3. You had me at scars, bear attack, being a writer but then lost me at indecision BUT if born from that indecision was an actual decision, then I’m actually on board. But if she screwed over her boyfriend for no reason, then I spit in her general direction (ha!). I have absolutely no problems with teenage waffling – it’s what they do. But you know I need me a certain HEA 😀

    Fabulous review! I love the format – do it again, do it again!
    Kristin recently posted…Cover Reveal (sort of) and Giveaway: Titans by Victoria ScottMy Profile

  4. Ughhh, many of the aspects here sounded SO good, so color me a bit unimpressed with the love triangle bit. I mean, some love triangles can work, but I usually find them quite contrived in contemporaries. And the fact that non-communication is a regular occurence here as well makes up for some very frustrating scenes, I take it. But maaaan, I would love a book set in Alaska. I haven’t really read a lot of books that were set there so that’s definitely one thing that gives this book that edge.
    Faye la Patata recently posted…ARC Review: Six of Crows by Leigh BardugoMy Profile

  5. Awesome review Grace! I’ve heard kind of mixed reviews on this, and plus my best bloggy friend sadly did not like this book at all, for similar reasons as yourself. So I might have to pass on this! But glad you enjoyed the Alaskan setting 🙂 AND YAY FOR WRITING!
    Valerie recently posted…Review: ReawakenedMy Profile

  6. This book sounds wonderful! I absolutely love Alaska, and I’m glad to hear that the description of the setting does the place justice. Listening to yourself is such a great thing to promote. Listen to others’ advice, but make sure you know what you feel yourself! Ugh a love triangle?! Bleh… Nice review!

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