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Things I Am Into RIGHT NOW


EAR_BitchSesh_Cover_1600x1600_Final1-300x300 logo

Right now this specifically means Serial and Bitch Sesh. Serial’s first season sucked me in and was AMAZING. The second season is ok but not as great. Then I stumbled on Bitch Sesh which is two chicks (one who is Casey Wilson who was in one of my favorite shows Happy Endings) that talk about the Real Housewives. I don’t even really watch Real Housewives anymore but I love listening to them talk about it. If anyone has any other podcasts they love please tell me in the comments.

Pebby Foreveeย Shirts


I only have two but I love them so much. Mine say No Talkie Before Coffee and Mommin’ Aint Easy. Truth. They are cute and I love them under sweaters. Here is the websiteย mypebbyforevee.

My Glasses and Wearing My Hair Naturally Wavy

I ditched my contacts to give my eyes a breather and I kind of love my glasses right now. Also due to my laziness, I haven’t felt like straightening my hair so I have been rocking my natural waves and I am ok with it.

Things I Am Not Really Into RIGHT NOW

Jessica Jones


I started this and instantly loved it. I am on episode 6 and stalling out. I feel like the episodes are 10 minutes too long and it is a bit dragged out. I will stick with it though.



Yeah so it has been a mild winter so far but RIGHT NOW it is cold. I am so not into it and wish spring would hurry up!

So what are you guys into right now? What are you not feeling so much?

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45 responses to “Rebel Mommy Right Now (1)

  1. Season 1 of Serial was SO GOOD! I was obsessed with it and would listen to it any chance I got. I didn’t know there was a second season, but I’ll check it out even though I’m sad it’s not as good as the 1st.
    Those shirts are so funny! I love them. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Oh I’m sorry about Jessica Jones losing a bit of steam for you. I was interested because of all the hype, but I haven’t felt the urge to watch just yet.
    Fun post, Grace! I’m looking forward to more of these. ๐Ÿ™‚
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  2. I have never listened to a podcast. I really do need to check out what this is all about. I have been really into audiobooks lately. I even started pulling out the headphones at work so I listen for up to 4 hours on some days. I love that T-shirt. If I didn’t have more t-shirts than I need, I would be all over getting that one. I haven’t heard of Jessica Jones (yes, I live under a rock). I did get caught up with season 1 of Outlander over the weekend and loved it. As far as winter goes, I was over it before it began. I hate being cold and everything about winter. Awesome post!
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  3. I’ve never seen any of the Real Housewives (not a TV watcher) but I have a co-worker who is way into it. She comes to my office and tells me about it and I just howl. I’m like, OMG, do these people actually exist? lol Loving those tees from Pebby Forevee! Esp. the one that says Corner – where nobody puts baby. Priceless. ๐Ÿ™‚ I should totally give my eyes a break from the contacts but I so hate wearing glasses. Ugh. And yay for wavy hair… I bet it looks great!
    Right now I’m loving Trader Joe’s heat & eat meals for 2. They’re a lifesaver after working all day. And I’m not feeling all the election coverage. It’s barely started and I’m already so over it.
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    • She would love the podcast!! Yeah there are SO many good shirts. I need more at some point. Thanks!! I should totally be going to Trader Joe’s more often. Our’s is so small and always crowded I hate to go. I am SUPER over the election stuff. It is only going to get worse!

  4. I have never tried any podcasts, but I’ve heard quite a few people talking about them. I’m SO OVER winter!! We’re supposed to get a big storm this weekend and I have to work and I’m scared I’m going to get stuck ๐Ÿ™

    Right now, I’m into New Girl! I just started watching it and I’m LOVING it ๐Ÿ™‚
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  5. I just started Jessica Jones (only two episodes in) and I’m liking it but I can see needing to take a breather in between because it is kind of heavy.

    Yay for natural curls! I have them too and always straighten my hair, I need to wear mine curly more often too and give my hair a break. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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  6. That snow is so pretty though – over here right now, the fog is really bad, I can’t see two feet of what’s in front of me (and I’m not even exaggerating). It makes everything like an old melodramatic movie though, and it makes the trees silhouettes SO pretty. Ooh, Serial sounds amaaazing, I really need to check it out. Lovely post, Grace <3
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  7. I’ve been meaning to watch Jessica Jones for a while now but I find I have to be in the right mood for a binge watching sesh and i feel like this is one show that can be quite intense and heavy. The show does look twisted and clever so I will eventually watch it haha.
    YAY for wavy hair. I’m always letting my hair dry naturally and I’ve found I actually quite like the way it looks. I’ll only curl/straighten it on special occasions (if I can be bothered). ๐Ÿ˜›
    I am never satisfied until I have a good heap of snow. Only then can I move on to spring haha. Most of the time though we get snow in early March.
    Lois recently posted…Review: Something Real by Heather DemetriosMy Profile

    • It is totally intense and heavy. It’s good but just hard for me to binge straight through. I am beginning to embrace my wavy hair. I just need to find the right product to help with the frizz. Oh you can have the snow! I would love to skip it!

  8. I’m really feeling The CW network as a whole right now. Idk if it’s because my shows are coming back (thank God!!) or because of the new shows they are coming out with. I’ve heard mixed things about Jessica Jones but I didn’t even finish Daredevil. I feel that my comic book tv shows queue has hit maximum capacity.

    I’m also being dreadfully lazy with my hair but it’s giving my the time to try out a lot of up-do’s so I count that as a win.

    I miss the cold snowy east coast winters. In Seattle it rains or it’s sunny, or it drizzles then it’s sunny. I don’t know where I stand any more. When I was in New York, I knew.
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  9. I’m loving podcasts too right now. My favorites are Super Serials where they talk about MG/YA books mostly from the 90s (Babysitter’s Club books, Sweet Valley whatever, etc) but also books like Nancy Drew and the Chronicles of Narnia and the Bachelor AfterBuzz where they talk about The Bachelor because I love that craziness! I love the t shirts! The coffee one especially sounds awesome. I’m with you on being over winter. I’m so cold!
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  10. I have to say I am totally into winter, but that’s really because I’m a teacher and I love the few snow days we get down South! LOL. I understand you on Jessica Jones. I was really into Prison Break, but s2 just wasn’t great and now I’m still in s3…. I love those shirts! They are so cute! And yay for wearing glasses and leaving your hair natural! I straighten mine too, but I love the days when I don’t go anywhere and can let it air dry all wavy!

    I’m really into historical fiction right now, as well as those Funko POPs! I love them! Because it’s cold, I am all about the tomato soup and hot chocolate now too! ๐Ÿ™‚
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  11. I’m around episode 7 or so on Jessica Jones I think? I can see what you mean about them being a tad too long, but I’m still loving it! I haven’t been able to watch it lately though because of my surgery kept me from putting in headphones and I can’t really move my computer to a quiet place. hah Anyway, hope to finish season 1 soon!!

    I think podcasts are cool, but I’ve never listened to one. I feel like I would lose focus and miss too much. That’s my problem with audiobooks.

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  12. This is so fun! I have never been a huge podcast fan, but Bitch Sesh sounds too funny to pass up hahah. That shirt is adorable and true. SO. TRUE. And contacts are probably the work of the devil.. but then also I hated glasses too. I can feel my eyes slowly getting worse, and I swear if I had any money at all I’d do another laser surgery. But for now… I shall resist ๐Ÿ˜‰

    And I feel you, I am SO over winter. Though, in truth, I had enough of it on the first moderately cold day. Kids + Winter = A freaking mess. It’s so easy in the summer- just toss them in the car! But in the winter, with all the clothes, and the messiness of snow and slush, and the carseat buckles and NO MORE.

    LOVE this feature so much!!
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    • Oh the surgery scares me so much!!! I do agree contacts stink. Kids and winter are the worst. Especially the bundling up, getting them in the car just having to go out with them at all when it is gross out!!! Plus my youngest refuses his coat right now so that’s always fun! Thanks!

  13. I used to listen to a podcast! Josh & Ross, who were comedians on Chelsea Lately. I eventually forgot about it & not sure they’re doing it anymore. But I’d love to check this out! Sounds so cute & I love the title! I hadn’t been feeling Jessica Jones either. I haven’t watched yet, actually. Everyone’s been raving about it, but I’m just like, “Meh.” My sister has been watching, though. I KNOW. I miss spring, too! Sweet post!
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  14. I am SO not into winter right now either!!! We just got a foot of snow in the storm over the weekend and I feel all stir-crazy. I’ll admit I’m usually too lazy to go anywhere anyway… but not being able to go anywhere makes me feel SO depressed. Also, I’ll have to check out Bitch Sesh. I love the Housewives and anyone talking about their crazy ways would make me happy!!
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