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So Olympic Games are here and underway! Friday August 5th marked the Opening Ceremonies in Rio. I love love the Olympics -especially the summer games. Gymnastics, swimming, track and field and so many more events are things I will be stalking for the duration. I was so happy to see this tag created by Shannon @ It Starts At Midnight and knew I had to do it!

All the graphics are from Shannon and a shout out to Smashing Magazine for the freebie sports icons! 



After I Do is a book I read the first line and knew I would love. It got a big old 5 stars from me.



Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is the perfect road trip book. They totally went coast to coast and it was a blast.

Delirium Review

The Delirium Series has a love triangle and one I wasn’t sold on at the end. I was totally conflicted.



What I don’t get was why they did this series if they were going to have such a shitty ending that made no sense and seemed like they just didn’t care. Can you tell I am still angry???



Song of Summer was clearly set in summer hence the title. It was super cute and perefect summer read!


throne of glass

I really couldn’t think of any but Throne of Glass has some right???



He Will Be My Ruin was super twisty and I loved it!



The Choices We Make had me crying for so long at the end. My husband totally made fun of me 🙁



I liked Half Bad but it moved way slower than I like.



Sweet Valley High were books I remember loving – along with the board game and whatever else they came out with.


Do dead stuffed ones count? Yes? OK then. Furiously Happy for the win!


The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch – It was good but so darn long and wordy at times it took me forever to finish.


13132816 (1)

I always pick this one for great friendships but Emmy & Oliver did it so well!



Do you guys watch the Olympics? What’s your favorite event?

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50 responses to “Olympic Book Tag

  1. This is a fun post! I feel like I always comment on your blog and say I really need to read a book by ______. I’m going to do it again, I really need to read a book by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I’ve been seeing her books everywhere lately! Amy & Roger is my favorite road trip book too. I love it!

  2. Yay, I’m glad you did this! It’s so fun!! I almost put After I Do for that same answer!! Her books are just fantastic, and I know from page one I’m going to love them.
    I need to read Emmy & Oliver. That cover is adorable, too. And The Choices We Make! I keep reading that her books are like reading a TJR book (and I always cry with those, too). I have this one and hope to pick it up soon.
    Sweet Valley High – loved those books!
    Brandie recently posted…Olympic Book Tag!My Profile

  3. Okay, when you know you’re going to love a book from *the first line*… now that’s a good book. Can’t wait to read After I Do! Oh geez, I’m so nervous after reading your comments about Never Never. I just finished part 2 and will be picking up part 3 soon. He Will Be My Ruin was super twisty! I think I suspected *everyone* at some point. LOL Emmy & Oliver had great friendships! Totally loved that one.
    Tanya recently posted…Blog Tour: Swear on This Life by Renee CarlinoMy Profile

    • After I Do was amazing and maybe my fav book from her. I hope you have better luck with NN3. I swear they gave up and wrote something that made no sense and didn’t answer have the things they put out there. But maybe it was just me!

  4. I’ve been seeing He Will Be My Ruin around a lot lately! I haven’t read anything by K. A. Tucker, but I will someday seeing as I have some of books on my kindle.

    Also Furiously Happy does count hahahahhaha 😀 I mean I haven’t read it but RACCOON
    Valerie recently posted…Review: FurthermoreMy Profile

  5. The Olympics are the best. I love road trip books and it’s good to see everyone’s picks in that category. 🙂 And Delirium- I need to read more Lauren Oliver. With Replica still a ways out I should read some of her older stuff… great post! This tag is so fun. 🙂
    Greg recently posted…PanicMy Profile

  6. Aw YAY I am so glad you decided to do this!! Thank youuu ♥♥♥ So, note to self, take Never, Never off my TBR 😉 I feel you with Delirium! I still hope and pray that one day, we’ll get an epilogue- and that it will end up in our favor, though I kind of doubt it, on both counts Dead, stuffed animals totally count! In fact, they count extra, because those are hard to find. Sweet Valley High bwhaha those covers always killed me- even back then! I was more of a Baby-Sitter’s Club girl myself. And Emmy & Oliver is always my go-to for friendship books too, because it is THE best! 😀
    Shannon recently posted…Lesser Known (But Still Kind of Annoying) TropesMy Profile

    • Thank you for coming up with it 🙂 Yes there needs to be more to that story (Delirium) for reals. I am glad you were with me on that one too. SVH covers are amazing!! LOL all the books from that time had such awful covers. I liked The Bab Sitter’s Club too. I always pick Emmy &Oliver for friendship too. They were the best.

  7. Gymnastics are my favourite. And I think I need to go add The Choices We Make to my TBR for the next time I need a good spell of weeping in my life. I never started Goldfinch as I just felt like it was a book that would take me forever to read. Kind of glad now after seeing your thoughts on it, I hate wordy! And Double Love, so cheesy but I adored all the SVH books back in the day.
    Trish recently posted…Book Review: The Lake House by Kate MortonMy Profile

  8. The Olympics always brings out my sporty side, despite the fact I have no athletic bone in my body haha. The swimming and gymnastics have to be my favourite event. They’re so intense and exciting. Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour is the ultimate road trip book and I love the focus on friendship in Emmy & Oliver – I’m also excited that surfing will be a sport in the 2020 olympics cause I love watching people surf!!
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  9. Awesome books!!! And you’re the second respected reader friend that’s advised against “Never, Never” – hahahahaha. Nope, never never!!!

    I am watching ALL the sports 🙂 I’ve enjoyed fencing, swimming, tennis has been spectacular, and OMG, did you see those guys diving?? *swoon* But I could be their mother so yeah, that’s kind of gross, too. Eh, it’s all fun. Women’s soccer was sad 🙁

    • Seriously never ever pick up Never Never 🙂 Um yeah the diver – David Boudia – yeah. But his partner’s name- Steele Johnson!!1 I swear he could be a character in a smutty book lol. I was so sad for the women’s soccer.

  10. Yay! I’m so glad you did this one. I loved seeing your answers. I do agree with you about After I Do. I loved EVERY PAGE of that one. I think Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour is the only Matson book that I haven’t read. I need to get on that one. And yeah, I agree with you about Goldfinch. I did really enjoy it, but it was SO LONG. I thought there were parts where the story dragged too much. I love the Summer Olympics. My favorite events are gymnastics, swimming and beach volleyball. But I also watch track and field, diving, and indoor volleyball. And I watched the women’s triathlon just because those women are so inspiring. I just don’t know what to do with myself now that the Olympics are over.
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