New and Old TV Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch

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I know I just did a TV post last week but that focused on reality TV. Still, I always love to say which shows I am excited to come back and which I plan to check out that are new. So here they are!

Returning Shows


Grey’s Anatomy // I am Grey’s for life. I thought last season was really strong and excited to see where they go now.

The Affair // This is season 3 for this show. I am not sure where they go because it went in a weird direction towards the end of last season. Still I love the cast so I will stick with it.

How to Get Away with Murder // This show kind of went off the rails last season so I hope it goes back to how good it was season 1.

Modern Family // An oldie but a goodie in my opinion. Also one of the few shows my husband watches with me.

Big Bang Theory // This is just an easy show to watch and laugh at. Another show my husband watches with me.

The Goldbergs // This is actually a show my husband made me start watching last year and it is hilarious.

Younger // Such a fun show. The ending last season though headed towards very cheesy so I hope it doesn’t go overboard this season.

Transparent // I loved season 2 so much more than season 1 so I have high hope for season 3.

Life in Pieces // I started to watch this last season. I tried to get my husband on board but he wasn’t having it and fell off. But over the summer my husband started to watch it so we are now caught up and I am looking forward ot it.

New Shows


This is Us // I mean have you seen the trailer?? It looks amazing!!

Speechless // I had just seen a commercial for this recently and it looks really funny and cute.

Better Things // Single actress mom in LA. Louis CK has his hand in this so I want to check it out.

Divorce // I am interested to see SJP’s next TV project.

Returning but New


Gilmore Girls // It’s new but not so it has its own category. I am so pumped for this and will literally stop whatever I am doing when it is dropped and watch it all!!

What shows are you looking forward to coming back? What new shows will you try this year?

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47 responses to “New and Old TV Shows I Can’t Wait to Watch

  1. The Goldbergs is funny! I love when it shows real footage at the end. Even though I’m miffed about the way it ended, I’m looking forward to The Walking Dead. And Bates Motel. There are a few new shows coming out that look good, so I’m sure if I like them they’ll get canceled.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…Loving You Easy by Roni LorenMy Profile

  2. Ha, I wrote up the same kind of post but have it scheduled to go up next week! Yay for GMTA!

    Of all of the shows that you watch, I don’t watch any of them, at least not regularly. I binge watch Greys at the end of every season with my daughter and I only watch re-runs of Big Bang Theory.

    I’m anxious to watch This is Us though. I loved the trailer that I saw for that and I’m completely hooked on just everything about that show. I want it now! I haven’t heard of Better Things so you know once I leave your blog, I’m searching that trailer out. I’m curious!

    Anyway, it’s almost time for our shows to come back so yay!! Great post, Grace!
    Rowena recently posted…Top 5 Wednesday: Books You Want to See as TV ShowsMy Profile

  3. Don’t forget Project Runway is on TONIGHT!!!! Also, YES to Better Things… that looks good. I probably shouldn’t watch it though because all the new shows I watch get cancelled (i.e.-The Family, Friends With Better Lives, Believe, The Nine). I’ll have to wait for it to be on for a while first. Also– I am so EXCITED for the Gilmore Girls in November!!

    (and I always wondered who was still watching Grey’s LOL. Every year I keep thinking this HAS to be it for it, but every year it’s renewed!!!)
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  4. YAY GREYS. I actually couldn’t get through the last of season of HTGAWM last season (after loving the first) so I’m hoping it becomes one that can pick back up and hold my interest. This summer I embarrassingly enough binged Quantico and loved it way more than I thought I would

  5. I love Younger but it totally got out of control last season! haha I’m so intrigued to see where it goes next though.

    I also still love Modern Family. Some of the recent episodes are suuuuper funny and others aren’t as great. Totally still worth it though.

    I just got into Gilmore Girls but I’m not really far into it yet. We’ll see! Right now I think they’re a little exhausting for me but I can see the appeal 🙂
    Lauren recently posted…If You Liked This, Read ThatMy Profile

  6. I just saw that hulu has the full series of Goldbergs and I’m really wanting to watch it! It looks so funny! I’m also a Modern Family fan though my absolute favorite is The Middle because sometimes that one hits almost a little too close to home (though thankfully my house is a little cleaner!) ABC has a new sticom coming in October I think called American Housewife or something like that that looks like it has the potential to be hilarious. I have high hopes. Currently I’m down the Catfish rabbit hole. Normally I can’t watch more than a season of a show without getting bored but I’m well into season 3 and still fascinated.
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  7. I am sure that my daughter will be glued to Grey’s Anatomy and The Gilmore Girls. I will watch The Big Band Theory if it is on but I don’t even have an idea when it normally is on TV. I am happy watching my zombies on The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead. I have also been watching season 2 of Outlander. I hope you enjoy all of these!

  8. I love how fun and hilarious The Big Bang Theory and Modern Family are. And I agree about how How to Get Away With Murder went insane last season. But if you like that you should totally check out The Blacklist! I’m so excited for more Gilmore Girls. I just hope it’s as good as it used to be!
    Erin recently posted…How to Survive High SchoolMy Profile

  9. I haven’t watched Big Bang Theory in so long. It’s like a comfort food show though, easy to settle back into and just watch. For me, I’ve been watching some Brit crime shows like Marcella and Happy Valley on netflix, although I just finished both so I’m like on a Netflix break lol. That won’t last long though….
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  10. I’m excited about How to Get Away With Murder. I haven’t watched any of the other shows you mentioned which is kind of awesome because now I have all these to check out.

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