My Top Reality TV Shows I Love

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So this week is a TV freebie of sorts since most shows will be coming back. I have done lots of posts on TV – My favorite shows, my binges, series finales so I thought I would give some love to the trashy TV that is reality TV. So here are my favorite reality shows.

The House Wives


I am such a lover of the Housewives. I really only watch the New York and Beverly Hills casts anymore though. At one time I watched New Jersey but they are just awful. New York is my favorite. Still I know all these women are insane, delusional and out of touch with normal life but that is what makes it fun!! I love to listen to the Bitch Sesh podcast for recaps on them and generally just to laugh because it is hysterical. 

Food Focused


I am obsessed with Food shows especially competition. I have watched every season of Top Chef, Top Chef Masters, Top Chef Desserts. I will watch them all. I watch the reruns. Clearly it is my favorite. I think it is the way it is set up and of course Tom, Padma and the judges. I also loved Chopped and catch it when I can. Next Food Network Star is one I recently started watching in the past couple of seasons. It is part cooking but mostly presentation of the food and being on camera.




Project Runway is another one I have watched from the beginning. I remember sitting with one of my best friends in college and catching it every week. I still do. I love watching them make clothes and see what is fashionable (since I lack in that department) and also the drama. So much fun. Plus Tim Gunn is everything. I used to watch America’s Next Top Model all the time too but the last few seasons I couldn’t. Then it was over but now IT”S BACK!! Yup it is coming back to VH1 this year all rebooted so I am excited to see if it is any good.

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 I have an obsession with Christopher Palu (above) gifs from project runway. He was my favorite ♥

Survival of the Naked


Naked and Afraid is a show my husband loves and I watch with him so we have something to watch together. It is a pair of survivalists that are sent to some random location and have to survive for 21 days with minimal tools. And yeah they are naked.  It actually grew on me more as I watched it. They have seasons called Naked and Afraid XL and it is a group instead of a pair that they follow the whole season which I like better.

*FYI googling Naked and Afraid gifs wasn’t my brightest moment. UGH.*

Home Sweet Home


HGTV is another area where my husband and I can watch together. He does prefer things like Mega Decks and Yard Crashers but will watch these two with me too. I love the beach so I love to see people try and get great deals all over by the beach and see different places. Fixer Upper is the best. Chip and Joanna are the cutest couple and I love how they fix up and decorate the houses. I wish they would come help with mine!!

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Do you watch reality TV? What is your favorite show?

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81 responses to “My Top Reality TV Shows I Love

  1. I don’t really watch any reality TV, but that’s only because I already have to many other shows to keep up with. I definitely enjoy watching them if they happen to be on TV when I’m zapping and this post actually makes me want to watch more of them 🙂 Especially the fashion shows are so much fun! And the home shows. I love food shows as well but then I just get frustrated that I can hardly cook a basic meal 😉
    Lindsey recently posted…When Books Take A Break – Favorite TV Shows {Top Ten Tuesday}My Profile

  2. I am SO ready for more Project Runway!!! So ready!! I also watched it in college and I distinctly remember us SCREAMING at the TV when they didn’t send home this one girl we hated. Also, FINALLY someone else who watches the Housewives!! It’s my guilty pleasure. I’ve been watching Orange County and New York right now. They are completely ridiculous!!
    Michelle recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday- TV Shows I Want To BingeMy Profile

  3. My favorite reality show is The Amazing Race. I also like Survivor, Catfish, Food Network Star, and anything with Gordon Ramsay. I used to watch Project Runway all the time, but I’ve missed the last few seasons because I was busy. I’ve only seen Naked and Afraid once. I watched it at the dentist while they were making molds for my nightguard.
    Aj recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Homer Simpson QuotesMy Profile

  4. Ahhh, Housewives! I’m pretty much obsessed with all of them (although I don’t religiously watch Atlanta or NJ – only if there’s nothing else on)! I love that at almost any given point during the year, there’s at least one location on!

  5. The only reality TV I really watch is Korean variety TV shows, but my mom is obsessed with Real Housewives and all of the other shows of that ilk. So I do occasionally watch them with her, and I can totally see how you could get addicted to them. All of the drama is just ridiculous, it’s hard to stop watching!
    Allyson Gilmore recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday: Must Watch TelevisionMy Profile

  6. Yay Real Housewives, they really are the ultimate guilty pleasure that I don’t actually feel guilty about. I love listening to Bitch Sesh if only becuase I don’t actually have to watch every episode to still get my recap (although I will watch every New York episode until I die). Also Vanderpump Rules and Southern Charm need to be on TV forever 🙂

  7. I’ve never watched Real Housewives but I’ve seen a few of them on Dancing with the Stars and it’s kind of tempted me a few times. I want to start watching Project Runway! It looks so fun. I was listening to a podcast talking about America’s Next Top Model and I realized I haven’t seen it in ages so I went to see if Hulu has it (they do!) and ended up watching Catfish (an MTV show about people not being who they say they are online) until 2AM. Next time though I’m making ANTM happen!
    Katherine recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday – Ten Things I’ve Learned From TelevisionMy Profile

  8. I don’t watch a lot of reality tv, not anymore anyway but I do watch Fixer Upper and I’ll watch an episode or two very randomly of one of the Real Housewives shows.

    I just love Chip and Jo so much!
    Rowena recently posted…Week in Books (33)My Profile

  9. We like to watch cooking shows like Chopped and Master Chef Junior, but we tend to watch everything way later than it originally comes out. I don’t watch much other Reality TV. I used to watch American Idol and later The Voice, but I got tired of Idol the last few seasons, and The Voice is just WAY too many episodes. I don’t have six hours a week to dedicate to watching a single TV show. Oh, I also used to watch So You Think You Can Dance. I actually miss that one. I wonder if I can find back episodes somewhere …
    Nicole recently posted…Blogging 101: What Do You Wish You’d Known When You Started Blogging?My Profile

  10. hahahah I laughed to see Naked and Afraid. They used to do it with only two people and I liked it, but then the big group was too much for me. I saw one episode where all the women were lying around while the men were off doing stuff and I didn’t feel excited anymore.

    Chopped is so good though! And I love all the specials where they make giant cakes and such. Though sometimes I feel bad about the wasted food…
    Liselle recently posted…10 Most Anticipated Book to TV Adaptations – Top Ten TuesdayMy Profile

  11. I used to be completely obsessed with Real Housewives… especially New York. I was a die-hard fan. Then I just kind of… lost interest, I guess? Strange, I know. I also (shamefully) LOVE Naked and Afraid!! My husband got me into it as well. I used to watch it just because he was, so it was on… then all of a sudden I couldn’t stop. I would watch marathons on the weekends. I basically loved it!! I haven’t watched it in a while now, but I totally agree… XL is definitely better than the regular seasons.
    Lisa recently posted…Our Fall T.V. Line-Up!My Profile

  12. Omg I hate Chopped hahahah. Just kidding. (Lies I do hate it it is so intense and everyone on there is like “I’m going to win because I’m so much better” EXCEPT MY FAVORITE EPISODE OF ALL TIME WAS THE ONE where they featured lunch ladies cooking to win money for their school and it was so amazing because everyone was supporting each other and I CRIED during that episode I HAD TEARS running down my face it was so emotional!) As you can see it made a profound impact. I hope you know which episode I’m talking about but it’s okay if you don’t.
    Valerie recently posted…Top Ten Tuesday #91My Profile

  13. I don’t really watch reality TV, but I used to be obsessed with Storage Wars when it was on Finnish TV (the original one). I don’t own a TV at the moment (well, I do, but I can only use it to watch stuff from my laptop), so I don’t have the chance to do a lot of channel surfing (which is a good thing!). When I’m at my childhood home I sometimes watch this British dating show where they cook food for a blind date – my mom loves it for some reason 😀

  14. Tasya

    I don’t really watch reality tv show, but when I do, most of them are about food xD I love watching Masterchef and My Kitchen Rules. I also like watching Dance Moms, because the kids are really TALENTED (and ofc, drama). And finally, Say Yes to the Dress! Those beautiful wedding dresses… *swoons* <3
    Tasya recently posted…5 Books I Want To Re-read in AutumnMy Profile

  15. I just catch HW here and there, whichever one is on at the time. I like catching Fixer Uper when I can – Chip is a hoot. I love Big Brother. It’s pretty much the only reality show I’ve watched for years and won’t miss an episode. I don’t always get to watch when it first airs since it’s on 3 times a week, so I watch the ones I miss online.
    Christy LoveOfBooks recently posted…Magic Binds by Ilona AndrewsMy Profile

  16. Dude, when does ANTM come back!? I like, never watch VH1 ever, so I haven’t seen any info, but I MUST watch it. Though, will it even be the same without Tyra? Are the guys back, because I liked that! They were more drama than the girls most of the time I like House Hunters, but I can’t really do any of the DIY shows, because… well, I never, EVER want to DIM (do it myself haha). I am obsessed with The Challenge, and I am not ashamed to admit that I still watch The Real World (well fine, maybe a little ashamed, I am human after all 😉 )
    Shannon recently posted…The Ones by Daniel Sweren-Becker Blog TourMy Profile

  17. Heather

    The one thing I can’t wait (apart from Disney) to see on my holiday is American tv, there really is so much good and bad tv – I loved the New Jersey housewives but they stopped showing it here. Teresa Giudice was my favourite but I have been keeping up with her downturn in the gossip mags! Do you get the Great British Bake Off? It is my guilty tv pleasure!
    Heather recently posted…BEYOND THE BOOKS – Handwritten PostsMy Profile

  18. We don’t have cable so our TV viewing is limited to what comes on regular TV, Netflix, and Amazon. I do love cooking shows. I have watched Fixer Upper on Netflix and enjoyed that. Right now I am busy watching Fear the Waling Dead and Outlander on Amazon streaming. I had to laugh about your googling of Naked and Afraid. I once looked for a gif for “first time” and found things that I didn’t want to see. Great post!
    Carole recently posted…Stacking the Shelves #36My Profile

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