I Read a Book and I Liked It . . .

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So you read that post title and were probably thinking “um, yeah you read and like books. You have a book blog. Duh.” But here is the thing. Before reading Black Eyed Susans, I hadn’t read a physical book in somewhere over 6 maybe 7 years. I think the last physical books I read were either Twilight or the first couple Sookie books. I really have no idea. Once my boyfriend, now husband, bought me a kindle for a holiday I never looked back. Kindle books were cheaper, it was easier to carry everywhere and they didn’t take up any room, which I didn’t have a lot of. Now years later, blogging, I started winning books. REAL books. I got some free at BookCon. I even bought a couple on sale. And so they sat on the one small bookcase I have.


Honestly, it intimidated me. Super silly right? But I am so used to reading on my Kindle or my phone I had no idea how I would like it. I have  some hardcovers and paperbacks that have been on my shelf way too long . Finally, I decided I needed to start reading all these books just sitting there. So far I have read Black Eyed Susans, a hardcover and Rest Ye Murdered Gentlemen, a paperback. Here are some of my thoughts – good, bad, and silly.

I felt legit reading a real book. This makes no sense. Ebooks are books too. Still, I somehow felt like it was more real.

The hardcover was cumbersome. I mean it seemed so big and bulky. Totally not comfortable for me to hold.

Small paperbacks are more my jam. I really liked reading the smaller paperback because it was compact and easy to hold/handle.

Bookmarks! I got to use cute magnetic bookmarks and that was fun. Yeah for cute things.

I missed the Kindle highlighting and notes. I love to highlight passages and quotes on my Kindle. I will also jot notes at certain points to help with reviews. I found I didn’t do that when reading a real book because if wasn’t near a pen and paper or whatever I didn’t bother.

I didn’t have it with me at all times. With ebooks I always have them at my hand because they are on my phone or I have my Kindle. The hardcover was too bulky to bring and doesn’t fit in my purse. I could have fit the paperback but I would forget. So when I was waiting at the school to pick up my daughter or whatever I couldn’t read.

I got to look at the pretty cover a lot. Covers are one of my favorite parts of a book. I love to look at them. I love when I can figure out the tie into the story if not immediately obvious. With ebooks you don’t get to really look at the cover a lot. But real books? The cover is always there when you close the book. So pretty.

Ok so none of this is news to any of you. Still, this is big for me!!! It’s like I discovered books all over again. Now when I see a great sale on a paperback or a book with a really pretty cover I am not afraid to buy it.  Still, I will probably read ebooks most of the time but I like that the option is there. So I say thank you book blogging community for helping me rediscover real books. And really it doesn’t matter what kind of book you read – just as long as you read!

read a book

Do you have a preference on type of book you read? Hardcover, paperback, ebook? Why?

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67 responses to “I Read a Book and I Liked It . . .

  1. Wow, seven years – that’s a long time! I can see where you’re coming from though. When I first got my Kindle I too read ebooks almost exclusively for a year, but then I got tired of it and slowly got back into the habit of reading ‘real’ books. I don’t think it really matters what format you read in as long are you’re reading! Ebooks are good for cost and convenience, but I don’t think they’re quite as satisfying or easy to read – and certainly not as pretty. Not being able to highlight and take notes is definitely the worst thing about physical books. And I cannot say I’m a massive hardcover fan for the most part – they’re pretty, but hard to hold like you said.
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  2. WHOA, SEVEN YEARS. Although before I turned 11, I’d NEVER even considered to read a full-length novel, physical or otherwise… Anyways, right now I’m kind of in love with all book formats–ebooks for highlighting, bookmarking and general convenience (like, hello, they’re books that FIT INTO YOUR TINY PHONE), paperbacks because I love holding them, and hardcovers because they look gorgeous on my shelves, also they don’t immediately rip or get folded when my classmates borrow them and accidentally drop them wherever….
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  3. I used to read mostly physical books, until last fall, when I got a Kindle Paperwhite. That changed everything lol. I love using it (easier on my eyes), and my local library has a massive ebook lending catalog, that I can use to borrow kindle books for free 🙂 Last night I jumped on it, and a few minutes later I had 5 books checked out and loaded on my Kindle!

  4. One question….did you find yourself tapping the book to turn the page? I do that every time i pick up a “real” book. Makes me feel so silly but it makes sense. I have had a kindle for a very long time and that is what I use to read. I will read a library book every once in a while or a book that I won or was given but I love reading on my kindle the most. Great post!
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  5. I love this post! I enjoy reading all types of books. I like hardcovers because they lay open on a table, so I can read while eating. I like ebooks because I can read them on my phone anywhere. I like CD audio books because they just start playing when I start my car. I like e-audiobooks because they’re on my phone and again I have them wherever I am. I guess I like paperbacks the least because they’re a little harder to hold open, although lighter. But I normally put a pillow on my lap when I read a hardcover book, so I don’t actually have to hold it up. Basically…I’ll read anything! And I do usually read one of each format at a time, so I have a book anywhere in the house and anywhere I am.
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  6. This is such a great post and this topic is really interesting. I love the beauty and solidness of holding a physical book in my hands. I adore arranging them on my shelves and just gazing lovingly at them all the time. However, e-books are freaking awesome! I have hundreds of books on my e-reader and it is beyond convenient. And holding an e-reader is way easier than a bulky hardback, totally agree. I really love e-books, but if I seriously LOVE a book, I have to own the physical copy. Slightly materialistic, but I indulge.

  7. Pretty much yes to all! I completely agree with you on all points – except the highlighting. I’m not really a highlighter. I don’t love big bulky hardcovers and would definitely prefer to read them in ebook form as they’re difficult to hold. I love a paperback and I miss covers on ebooks! I do read a pretty good mix of books and ebooks because my Agatha Christies are in paperback form and I don’t trust myself to read a Kindle in the bathtub! But the Kindle is just so convenient. It’s heaven not having to worrying about running out of something to read if you’re out somewhere! I think there’s definitely a place for both Kindles and books in the world.
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  8. Haha! This is a fantastic post and I completely get how you feel! I hadn’t read an actual book in years when I finally bought a hard cover book. I think that some part of me hadn’t realized that people actually bought books outside of ebooks! But once I did, I never went back. My kindle has been in a drawer for the last couple months, actually. I hope you stay with the hard copies! 😛
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  9. I love this! I can’t imagine going that long without reading a physical book. The only reason I ever got a Kindle was because I would frequently go on vacation to my grandma’s house and run out of books to read! I wanted an endless supply/place I could buy from immediately.

    I still read and love physical books. I like paperback because they don’t take up as much room on my shelf. I do love my Kindle though.. I use it for cheap books I see on sale or eARCs! I actually had a really even distribution of HC-PB-ebook last year, which is nice.
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  10. I’ve kinda fallen for my Kindle, especially when it comes to reviewing books (hello, notes!). That said, I still love physical books. I’ll always have a big physical library!
    I also feel more legit with a “real” book. :p
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  11. Nice post! I can see why people would go for e-books more often. I saw a friend today and she was saying how she hasn’t checked out a physical book in YEARS but she uses the e-books from the library website. haha I like physical books best, doesn’t really matter if it’s hardback or paperback, but I find hardback stays in a bit better condition. I do love my Kindle Paperwhite though because you’re right, it’s easier to travel with and I like having other options of books to read if I happen to finish something while i’m out and want to keep reading. So yeah, e-books are great. Physical books are still my favorite though.

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  12. I totally get where you are coming from! Ebooks are more practical and I take my kindle with me EVERYWHERE. But nothing compares to holding real printed book in my hands. Smelling pages and reading printed book at home is magical. I always get my favorites in print even though I already have ebook version. I am crazy like that 🙂
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  13. Thanks so much for putting that Kathy Perry song in my head, Grace :p

    I’m with you, ever since I got a kindle, I’m reading mostly e-books, too, for all the same reasons you do. I have all my books with me at all times, it’s easy to hold, even with one hand, and all my highlights are easy to find when I write my review.

    I own tons of paper books too, though, but I need to read those when I’m inside. First of all, I’m really anal about my books looking nice (apart from that one book that’s so full of post-it stickers and quotes it’s not even funny!) and they’re more like decorations for my bookshelves. Sometimes, I’ll buy a beautiful hardback if I really loved a book, and the cover is too gorgeous to not have it in my shelves.

    Have a fantastic Friday, Grace, and happy reading.
    Lexxie recently posted…Blogtour Review: Tackling the Tight End – Tara LainMy Profile

  14. Grace, this makes me smile! Huge! I love that you rediscovered physical books and liked the experience. 🙂 I was always adamant that I would switch to ereaders because I’m old school, I like the feel and smell of a physical book. But I caved. And while I do enjoy reading on my ereaders (I have a kindle and a nook), there is still something about holding a ‘real’ book that trips my trigger. I collect bookmarks so I loved that that was a part of the experience you enjoyed. And I know it’s still not the most convenient thing, but I use post it flags on my physical books to highlight passages and quotes. Just an idea for you… 😀
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  15. Love this post, Grace! 🙂 I find it amazing that you truly haven’t read a physical book in 6+ years. And now it’s like you have really discovered this whole other world of books. lol If anyone can appreciate the pros and cons of each it is you! My reading is almost exactly 50/50. Both have their good points and drawbacks and I really can’t pick a favorite. I love the sheer convenience of my Kindle. Throw it in my bag and go. Handheld. If I finish one book I can start another immediately, highlighting passages, easy note-taking. But I also love my physical copies – especially trade paperbacks. The beautiful covers, turning the pages, the page flags showing when I mark favorite lines or passages, the sense of accomplishment as I see my bookmark move further into the book. But no matter I grab, I’m a happy reader. 🙂
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  16. I so love the feel of a book in my hands…and even moreso how a series of hardcovers looks on my shelf. But ereaders are so much more versatile especially on the go and syncing between devices. Though it does scare me a bit that e-content is really only licensed and not owned :-/
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  17. Gonna be honest, as much as I love how a hardcover looks on my shelf, or just anywhere, I hate reading it in my bed. It’s just REALLY heavy, and it hurts my arms! Which is why I definitely prefer paperbacks to them. And ebooks as well! Although I do like my book covers!
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  18. I do love ebooks the best. I mean, I always buy my favorites in Hardcover. I love the way they look on my shelf. Did you find yourself trying to hold down words to look up, or swipe to change the page? (i do that every time i read a physical book, it’s ridiculous) I have noticed a trend just recently where the physcial book have been LESS expensive then buying the ebook. That seems backwards to me, but whatever. If I love a book I will probably buy it more than one format.
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  19. What a fun post! I totally get where you’re coming from too! I had an apartment fire 5 years ago and I swore after that I’d never buy real books again. Ebook was the only way to go because that way all I had to do was take my Nook/Kindle/ whatever with me and would never feel the loss of losing my books again.

    It totally didn’t work out. I now have 2 bookshelves full of books. Alot came from BEA, and signings, and such, but alot were also presents. I am more likely to buy ebooks than I am going out and purchasing an actual book. But when people send me them, what’s a girl to do? 🙂
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  20. I can relate to this post so well, since I also have a love of ebooks. My difference is that I read physical copies all the time, since I refuse to bring my ereader to school. I definitely do not trust teenagers to steal my precious reading device. I mostly love the highlighting and bookmarking features, although there really IS something about holding a real book in your hands. ❤
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  21. This is so hard! Because okay- I like OWNING the physical book a lot. And reading a paperback is fine too. But I agree- hardcovers are NOT the easiest to read, especially when you’ve been reading exclusively on a Kindle. I kind of like parts of both of them, so I always read one Kindle book and one physical book at a time- that way, I get the best (and I suppose the worst, but shhh) of both worlds! 😀 Glad you’re back among the book hoarders 😉
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  22. There was a time when I was just so against getting a Kindle. I was a traditionalist. But like you, once I got one, I fell in love!! I read so fast and I also travel a lot. It helps that I can fit over a hundred books in my carry on bag. 🙂 I read The Martian last year and I got the physical copy, mainly because I got the physical ARC for it. Like you, that was probably my first physical book since the Twilight series. It felt so weird to hold a physical book in my hands again. One thing I kind of hate about them is that I can’t read them in bed. With my Kindle, I can take it upstairs and read it while my husband sleeps in the dark because my Kindle has a light. I was so into the Martian that I stayed up until 2 am so I could finish it. I missed being able to read in bed! It’s ebooks all the way for me.
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