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I watched Gilmore Girls when it was originally on. I watch reruns whenever they are on. So clearly I was excited about this revival. Hell, even my husband who watches almost nothing with me, was mildly excited and actually made time to watch all 4 episodes? movies? whatever they were Thanksgiving weekend. Man I had a lot of thoughts. SO many I did a rewatch already Let’s go through this season by season and then an overall thoughts section. By the way this is all just rambles and as the show progressed so might not make any sense to anyone else but me. Sorry!

WARNING: Spoilers abound in this post. If you haven’t watched it and plan on it stop here.ย 


  • Hey where is the intro song??? I actually really missed this.
  • Rory didn’t seem like Rory at first. I felt like it took a while for her to click back into character.
  • Petals the pig was perfection.
  • Loved how proud of Rory Luke was.
  • The whole Paul the forgettable boyfriend thing did not work for me. Not funny really, way too mean and went on too long.
  • So happy Michel was married.
  • Super confused on what Sookie was doing. Was she still living in Stars Hollow or was she away from Jackson and her kids??
  • Dude Lorelai has some bad hair. Like really big, pageant hair.
  • The whole L&L discussion on having kids was baffling. Like after 9 years you really never discussed this.
  • Paris is one of the best characters and played her role to perfection.
  • Taylor freaked out in the diner about the wifi was everything for me. Loved him and Luke having a moment’
  • Zach looked old as hell.


  • How had Emily and Lorelai not been in therapy before??
  • More Lorelai big hair!
  • Mr. Kim was such a fun little addition.
  • I swear I am the only one who likes Logan but man they have chemistry!!
  • ย Loved the comparison of Michel and Paris being the angry friends.
  • Who wrote this terrible letter to Emily on her birthday??? How did they leave this open!
  • Loved going back to Chilton.
  • Again Paris=Perfection.
  • The Francie chick did not age well since the show and a character I could have done without.
  • Doyle and Paris are so fun together. I could watch a weird spin-off show of them.
  • Who dresses like Rory and Lorelai when galavanting all over NYC. Did you see their shoes? No.
  • Oh, a Parenthood person – YAY!! I loved seeingLauren Graham with her two on-screen daughters.
  • Rory on that website interview was so cringe worthy. Like get your shit together.( Side note I hate that actress that played the head of the website. She has been in a bunch of stuff and she is the worst in them all. )


  • What is with this pool club in Stars Hollow? I mean they never did this.
  • Did we really need April back??
  • The money talk about April between Luke and Lorelai was so weird. Again it felt like after 9 years this shouldn’t be weird.
  • I hated when Rory was all surprised and upset Logan’s FIANCE moved in with him. Like really ? You are the side piece woman. Get your shit together.
  • I noticeably miss Miss Patty at these town meetings.
  • The 30 something gang joke was stupid. I didn’t like it.
  • The Secret Bar was awesome. That is a fun addition and seemed to fit in with the rest of Stars Hollow.
  • I wasn’t surprised Michel wanted to leave – he should want more.
  • Holy hell that play went on entirely too long. I want more of the people I know and care about not this random thing.
  • That said Sutton Foster and Christian Borle are amazing and I love them in everything they do.
  • Taylor referenced RZA and Busta Rhymes. That is all.
  • Oh hey, there Jess! Wait no hug after 4 years? Very odd.
  • Lady stop complaining about no underwear and go buy some.
  • I wasn’t sold on Lorelai’s reaction to Rory writing a book about them. Also weird reaction to Jess ย after all these years.


  • Love the whole book vs movie thing for Wild.
  • Never bought that Lorelai would actually do that though.
  • I hated seeing Luke all out of sorts after she left.
  • Watching Luke and Jess made me realize there should have been more Jess overall.
  • Liked the beginning of the Life and Death Brigade scene but then it got really trippy and took too long.
  • The goodbyes to the LDB made me sad.
  • Rory’s goodbye to Logan had me in tears. Yeah I love Logan so whatever.
  • When Lorelai called Emily to give her her one story about Richard I couldn’t help but cry. It was beautiful and the mother-daughter moment I had been waiting for.
  • Luke’s speech to Lorelai when she came back was perfect.
  • Um I need to go to Nantucket. Gorgeous!
  • Love that Emily is at peace there.
  • The DAR meeting and Emily is probably my favorite scene. Her just letting it all go – Bullshit – was hysterical. Also showed her moving on from that life.
  • I thought the scene with Christopher was random but after the last four words it made so much more sense.
  • I wasn’t impressed with the Sookie scene. She didn’t really seem like Sookie.
  • The look Jess gives Rory before he leaves. Swoon!
  • The wedding scene was beautiful.
  • Emily alone in Nantucket was lovely.
  • Those last four words. Not super excited about them


  • I loved being back in Stars Hollow and seeing so many of the town people.
  • The beginning the dialogue seemed off but it got back to normal as it went on.
  • I think I wanted Rory to get her shit together so many times. I mean we all go through stuff but it was very un-Rory like just how much a mess she was. She always worked hard and it was missing.
  • Emily stole the show for me. Her character went through a tragedy but had growth. Loved it. Plus we got to a nice resolution for her.
  • So happy Luke and Lorelai got married. I was afraid they would mess that up.
  • Logan is not Christopher. He’s not. I don’t buy that parallel.
  • I hate when shows want o to be all full circle for a finale. Why?? They aren’t the same person. They won’t have the same life. I feel like that is what those final four words were pushing for and I think it is a cop-out.

This was my favorite scene

I am sure I said too much and missed a lot too. Ugh, my mixed feelings should be evident. I will try to remember and focus the good parts ๐Ÿ™‚

Did you guys watch the revival? What did you think?

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38 responses to “Gilmore Girls: AYITL // I Have Lots of Thoughts

  1. I have so many feelings as well. Emily’s story was my favorite! I loved her growth and I just loved *her*. I never thought I would say that lol. And how has she not aged AT ALL? She looks wonderful!
    As a Team Jess member I’m very disappointed with his screen time. I so wanted more! Jess could have had all that time they devoted to the horrible play! Logan is my second favorite, but I really wasn’t a fan of their story line in this. How is Rory still messing up so much?! They do have chemistry, though. If you don’t agree with the Christopher/Logan theory what do you think of the Jess = Luke part of it? I have to believe that or else the revival just makes me sad lol. I agree that Logan is a much better person than Christopher, but he’s still kind of Rory’s equivalent to him for me. Overall, I’m still sad that it wasn’t a big happy ending. That was what I wanted and I almost feel like I could’ve lived with the way it originally ended if I would’ve know there wasn’t going to be a happy ending for all.

    And where was Miss Patty? Why was she so absent?! Zach looked super old.
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    • Oh Emily look so good! She definitely had the best story. Yeah that play definitely ate into some valuable time. I LOVE Logan and was just so upset at how they handled him and their story. Clearly she was going for the Logan=Christopher and Jess=Luke but ugh. Why does it have to boil down to that. But I agree it has to be like that to make sense right??I agree I just wanted a happy ending.

  2. I watched the revival and I had so many problems. That being said I did enjoy some things, but the hate really (really) outweights the love.

    I just feel like Rory didn’t grow at all. She didn’t learn from her mistakes and she was very un-Rory-like. Would the Rory we know ever NOT prepare for an interview, let alone multiple?? She seemed so entitled. I hated everything having to do with Rory.

    I loved Lorelei and Emily. I loved them individually and I loved their relationship. I wanted one thing from this revival and that was Luke and Lore’s wedding and I’m so pleased we got that, but overall, I think we could have done without. That sounds so harsh but Rory really ruined it for me. ๐Ÿ™
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  3. I watched the entire show when it came out and randomly would catch repeats here and there, but haven’t been on top of the repeats. I sort of felt very conflicted with the revival. At first I kind of thought that they were just trying to bring everyone back and show all the characters so the story was slightly awkward for me and then everyone sort of fell into place. I agree I could have done without Rory and Paul it felt like they couldn’t think of anything else to add in. I loved Paris she is and will always be the same and it is great. I agree with so many of your points!! I feel that Rory and Logan are more like Emily and Richard then Lorelei and Christopher I just don’t see it.

  4. Same!
    I don’t understand the Logan=Christopher comparisons at all. In the actual series, Logan was a much more decent guy than Christopher ever was. I wasn’t a fan of what ASP did to his character here at all, but the comparison still doesn’t make sense. And how is it realistic in any way? I know that this is just a show, but why does it have to end in a full-circle nonsense.
    Rory really pissed me off as you can tell. She was so … argghhh! Just thinking about it makes me so mad! And the thing is none of her story lines were wrapped up. She ended in the same position that she started in in the revival, career-wise and romance-wise. I was so done with her. And how full of yourself do you have to be to think a book about you would be successful? *eye-roll*
    OK I’m done complaining on your post! LOL!

    I looved Paris, but I’m so sad she and Doyle didn’t make it! I’m going to pretend they get back together. And Emily’s story was flawless. I could have done without the racist elements to Bertha’s story, but overall, I really liked her character arc.
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    • Yeah the Logan=Christopher thing is dumb. Logan was immature but in college and grew by the end of the series. He actually wanted to marry Rory so it seems off. I hate the full circle thing she was going for. Rory is 32 which is super different than 16 so it would be so different anyways. The only thing I can go with is the kid will ground Rory since she is a mess.
      AGREE with all your Rory points. She deserved better, to have some growth. It wasn’t fair to give us that Rory.
      Oh I was upset her and Doyle didn’t make it but in my mind they reconcile lol!!Yeah the Bertha thing was weird but I was happy Emily finally was nice to someone who worked for her.

  5. I didn’t watch the revival but since I also don’t plan to watch them I felt fine reading your wrap-up. LOL I watched the first several seasons of GG when it first came on. My husband and I would watch together every week and we really enjoyed it. After several seasons, though, I just got burned out on it (like I tend to do with every show I’ve ever watched). Lorelei’s “schtick” became too much, the will they/won’t they with Luke went on too long… I guess basically I just lost interest. I never went back and watched the few seasons I missed, either. So the revival wouldn’t hold the same for me since I never finished the series. I’m a little sad to hear about the changes in Rory It just doesn’t sound like the same character. I’ve read a few other reviews and the overall consensus seems to be kind of meh.
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  6. I haven’t watched the revival yet, but after reading so many not-so-great reviews, I’m not even sure I want to anymore! It sounds like Rory is really floundering, which surprises me, and those infamous last 4 words probably would have made more sense 10 years ago than now.
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    • Oh you have to watch. There are some really good parts – Paris, Emily especially. But yeah the Rory stuff kind of was harsh and I didn’t understad it. The last 4 words would have made much more sense 10 years ago. Now it is like ok she is 32 and single so big deal. But that is just how I saw it.

  7. Fabulous post, Grace! I love how you just kind of bullet pointed your way through the entire revival. You have great points on all aspects of the revival so good on ya!

    I LOVED that the revival followed all three Gilmore women and of the three, my favorite was hands down, Emily. I was so disappointed in Lorelai and Rory. Lorelai felt so immature and she’s too damn old to be that immature. She couldn’t think of ONE good story or thought to share about her Dad? She had to run away while looking like a damn fool? I also wasn’t a fan of her reaction to Rory’s book idea. Ugh.

    Then there was Rory. Who was that girl? The Rory we know was an adorable mess but this girl that she grew up to be was a hot mess who got on my nerves. I was so disappointed in the relationship she had with Logan. I LOVE Logan and I was so looking forward to seeing their chemistry again but…not like that. I wanted the both of them to be better than that.

    The whole Logan/Christopher thing, my thoughts are…those four words belong to the Wookie. HE’S Christopher. I’m going with that…Ha!

    Emily was everything. Freaking everything and when I retire, I’m moving to Nantucket too. Ha!
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    • Thanks!Yeah Emily stole the show for sure. Lorelai is way too old for some of that stuff she was trying to pull. Ugh I love Logan too and was so disappointed. And I wasn’t even sure who to blame. I just wanted more for them. LOL the Wookie!! Nantucket for sure!!!

  8. I binge watched all 4 parts together and even though it was emotionally exhausting I loved being back in Stars Hollow. Paris was perfection. Emily was perfect. I loved secret bar. Parts about Richard or all of Emily vs. Lorelai interactions were super powerful (I cried as well). I loved that Luke & Lorelai got their well deserved HEA.

    But I have to admit that I was disappointed in Rory’s decisions. I still love her and believe things will work themselves out, but guess I expected more from her life after everything in previous seasons. It is like she took multiple steps backwards with her life during those 10 years… Instead of being independent as we all hope she would be, she was cheating on her bf AND having affair with engaged man. But when you think about it, it is not that surprising since she had Lorelai as role model. And it took YEARS for Lorelai to find balanced and content relationship with Luke. Most of her previous relationships were messy. So I am afraid that Rory is on the same road. I love Lorelai and Rory, but sometimes they are queens of making bad choices.

    And contrary to you, I love Jess the most ๐Ÿ™‚ I think that this revival proved that he always understood her the most. He gets her, he likes her the ways she is and does not try to change her as other guys tried. And even though you are not fan of parallels, I think that Jess is Rory’s Luke. Or I hope so ๐Ÿ™‚
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    • So disappointed in Rory’s decisions and hated how much of a mess she was. Yeah I like Jess too just kind of love Logan. But it makes sense that Jess is her Luke and I can be ok with that. I just don’t see Logan being Christopher.

  9. I’d never watched Gilmore Girls when it originally aired, but I binged it leading up to the revival at the urging of friends. I had a love/hate relationship with the entire show, to be perfectly honest. I might not’ve loved everything that happened in the original series, but I was addicted. I gotta give them that. All that said, I was excited for the revival and overall, I enjoyed it. Kinda. It was nice to see the characters later in life. But, if I’m totally honest, I kinda loathed Rory. She wasn’t a good person, IMHO. Her choices were often bad in the series, but in the revival? I thought she was selfish. She might’ve been in her 30s, but she acted like she was fresh out of college. I know you’re Team Logan, but I’ve never been able to stand him. This just made it worse. Maybe he and Rory are perfectly suited, however. They both only think about themselves and what they want. The other thing that really bothered me was the body shaming in Summer. It was totally unnecessary… as was the whole attempted outing of Taylor and the “borrowing gays” thing, but that just made me roll my eyes more than anything else.

    There were things I loved, however. Luke and Lorelei getting married was one of them. I adored Paris, even if the whole fertility thing with L&L was a little odd. Paris is still one of my favorite characters in the entire series. Emily’s story arc was fantastic โ€” even if I was a little put off by the number of “I can’t understand a word they’re saying or even recognize the language” jokes. She’s been one of my favorites for a long time and I’m so happy with how her character triumphed in tragedy. The scene where she told off the DAR ladies? Amazing. Kirk is still offbeat and wonderful. I will always love Jess. Forever. I’ve shipped them so hard because I feel like he’s the only one who encourages Rory to be a better person, but after the revival, I think I’m ready to let the idea of them grow. Unless, of course, she becomes less of an asshole. He deserves better.

    So… I have lots of thoughts, too. Haha. I feel like I’ve been analyzing this since I finished it two weeks ago.
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  10. Gah I just have so many thoughts about this lol. I think my biggest pet peeve is that the ending totally works if Rory was 22 and had just graduated and Logan didn’t stick around. BUT YOU’RE 32 Rory, get your life together! Watching her interview was probably the cringiest moment overall. Not because it was bad but because I think it perfectly highlights the point that I’m not convinced we’re supposed to like Rory. / think she’s good at her job. Overall, I loved being back in the world and expected it to just make me happy which it did so I called it a win. Also Paris was fantastic and I could have watched an entire movie about her arc and Emily’s arc. Emily was really the only one I felt had grown since the season 7 finale. I could have started watching this having no idea how much time had passed and I could have assumed it was like a year after graduation. I also completely agree that I love Logan…and Jess…just not Dean. Really Logan and Rory are great together because they both try but are still kind of awful people (hated the Paul joke). Jess is just perfect in general and too good for Rory lol.

    Okay long ramble over, except to say I basically agree with you on all fronts and as annoying as some parts were I think overall the revival was incredibly enjoyable.

    • Yes that ending did not work for 32 year old Rory. That interview was the worst. Like how did she not prepare. So annoying. Paris and Emily were the best. Yeah Dean – no one cares about him lol. Jess is too good for Rory for sure.

  11. I went into these 4 new episodes (or whatever they are) with a bit of skepticism, although I was excited to watch them. I think that Alexis Bledel has improved a bit as an actress, but Rory definitely isnโ€™t my favourite character. She was just as much of a mess as she was during the season where she and her mother had their falling out. I agree that the Paris was pretty amazing in these episodes. That bathroom scene where she kicks the door closed (from the GIF you shared) was amazing.

    Winter and Spring were definitely my favourites out of the four episodes. I really enjoyed reading your post and I agreed with so many of the points you made. Nice job.
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  12. I’ve been waiting to read this post until I watched A Year in the Life (I was still on my re-watch of season 7 when it came out) and I finished it up last night. I just jotted down some of my thoughts for a forthcoming blog post and it seems like we share quite a few! I’m Team Logan too, and the goodbye made me cry (and I am decidedly NOT a TV/movie crier).

    It cracked me up how many times you said that Rory needs to get her shit together. Rory and I graduated college with a journalism degree in the same year and to be honest, it was kind of nice to see that she doesn’t have her life all figured out either. Granted, I tell myself every day that I need to get my shit together, so you’re probably right! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I loved Emily and Paris in the revival, too. And I swooned over Lorelai’s clothes (though you’re right about the hair).
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    • Oh yay another Team Logan!!! Totally cried both times I watched that goodbye. As far as getting her shit together – I mean everyone is kind of a mess right. I know I am but Rory didn’t have underwear like the whole time and forgot she had a bf. I mean she was just so extreme on not having it together at that age it was surprising. Yes Lorelai’s clothes were very good but that hair lol!!!

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