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friendsThe lovely Nick and Nereyda from Nick & Nereyda’s Infinite Book List created this tag.
I adored Friends when it was on and still love it in reruns. I have been meaning to do this tag forever so here it is!
Claire from Seven Ways We Lie was the absolute worst. I think the story would have been so much better if she was gone!!

Ugh Grace and Matt breaking up was so hard!!
When they were in Amsterdam. That kiss got me.

Oh my god I just finished this and it was the absolute best series ender I have ever read.

Can I wish I never read the whole book????

cryI cry at everything so this was tough. I actually looked up tearjerkers on Goodreads and found one listed I didn’t cry at. Still liked the book though!

I totally share books. I give them away actually. I did get a personalized signed copy of All the Bright Places at Bookcon a few years back so no one is getting that one.

This book was so amazing!! I don’t know why  waited to read it. TJR is genius.thumbs-up-4-5

My biggest pet peeve in books is when a gorgeous girl by everyone’s account thinks she is ugly. Maybe she has a small imperfection or a pimple or something that does not take away from her beauty at all but she all mopey that no can lover her. I go nuts at this. Stay With Me is a prime example.
lgbtqI mean Jamie and Wes are my favorites ever. They are the best. 

Do you guys like Friends? Who is your favorite Friends Character?

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  1. I was never huge into Friends. I would watch a random episode here and there but I never really followed it or watched even semi-regularly. (Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m just not a big TV person.)
    I *must* read Before We Were Strangers soon. As much as I loved Swear on This Life, I absolutely want to gobble up every single thing Carlino has written. I’ve had The Time Traveler’s Wife on my shelf for so long. Years. But I’ve to read it because I feel like it will be too confusing to follow. Yes, yes, yes for Jamie and Wes! (They even get a rhyme out of the deal.) Sooo much love for those guys!
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  2. Well now I want to go rewatch Friends! The very first time I watched Friends I was in my early 20s (it was still on but I was a couple of years late. I actually had the VHS tapes of the first couple of seasons!) and I really identified with Rachel with the whole stepping away from having her parents pay for everything and taking an unexpected path. When I rewatched it when it first was on Netflix I identified way more with Monica. Not quite sure what that says about me! I think Chandler is my favorite character overall because I just think he’s consistently funny. What a fun tag!
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  3. Love this tag. I’m going to have to do it on my blog too. I haven’t read any of the books you mentioned though oh wait, that’s a lie. I read the J. Lynn one and it bothered me so much that the heroine was so hung up on “I’m so ugly, nobody will ever love me” but someone DID love her and she was so stupid about it.
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  4. I love Friends! I need to finish the series! The break up one…I totally agree. That was so painful! Yes, TJR is a freaking genius! She’s so brilliant. I love her books so much. I also have a signed copy of AtBP! But the book I wouldn’t give away would be my Hamiltome. That book stays with me for sure.
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