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This is a feature where I will rank all the books I have read by favorite authors.

Today I wanted to take a look at one of my favorite authors, Rainbow Rowell, and her books. I first read Rainbow Rowell when Eleanor & Park was all the buzz, probably on the later side of the buzz to be honest, so of course I had to pick it up. I enjoyed it and then somewhat promptly picked up  Fangirl and LOVED it. This is when I knew that Rainbow Rowell was an author for me. My library has Attachments so I took it out and again was just in love with her writing. I then eagerly anticipated the release of her next two books, Landline and Carry On, and have not been disappointed.

So for fun I decided I would rank all of these books and see where they fall out for me after some time.
Let the countdown begin!

epWhile this is probably her most popular it is my least favorite. That isn’t to say I don’t really like it and didn’t thoroughly enjoy it though. This story hooked me in and I loved Elanor and Park and their story. Also loved the late 80’s setting.


This book would probably have been ranked higher if it wasn’t such a slow start for me. Once it got going I really loved her take on this kind of Harry Potteresque story (I am using the Harry Potter comparison blindly here since I haven’t read it yet). I really was nervous how this would come out because the Simon  parts in Fangirl were my least favorite part about that book. Somehow this all worked so well though.


I was excited for another adult novel from Rowell since I loved Attachments so much and this was so good. I loved that it tackled a marriage that was far from perfect. Plus there was the fun magical phone element that really added something wonderful to the story. I read this in a day and went through lots of emotions in such a short time.

fangirlFangirl I know is so many people’s favorite. I loved Cath and Levi too. I got Cath and totally related to her. Love sisters in a story as well. Levi man he was just too cute. I just loved everything about this really. Actually, I take that back. I didn’t love the little Simon Snow parts but whatever.


This book. I am not sure what it was about it but it totally got me. I loved the fun banter between Beth and Jennifer in their emails. I loved that it got kind of serious at times. The time period of the 90’s  and all the references was perfect. Lincoln was one to love. I mean the love story was super unconventional but I totally fell for it.

Clearly I am probably in the minority in my rankings if the Goodreads average ratings mean anything (which they don’t right??) I loved all five of these books, though. There is just  something about her writing I love and find addictive. I cannot wait for more from Ms. Rowell. Until then I do have Kindred Spirits the short story that I need to get to.

Do you enjoy Rainbow Rowell’s books? Which is your favorite?

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70 responses to “Favorite Authors Books Ranked ~ Rainbow Rowell

  1. I’ve only read Landline by Rainbow Rowell – I absolutely loved it – and have been meaning to pick up more of her works. What I worry about with her works is that perhaps my reading experience may be dampened by the hype that surrounds her writing. I didn’t find that to be the case with Landline though, so I should put that worry aside really and get on reading!

    Great post!
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  2. I like that she writes such different stuff. I’ve only read Fangirl but I really want to read more of her books, attachments and Landlines and E & P all sound good in completely different ways! And the Simon snow stuff in Fangirl didn’t really wow me either, even though I liked that she wrote fanfic. But it wasn’t a big dealbreaker for me. She’s a great author.
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  3. Too funny that your #5 is my #1! 🙂 Or, tied with my #1, anyway, because I have such a hard time choosing between E&P and Attachments. Love them both so much. Fangirl and Landline… I don’t know. Tbh, I wasn’t a huge fan of Fangirl (no pun intended… ahem) even though it seems to be most people’s favorite. I found Cath to be an incredibly frustrating character and I had zero interest in the fanfic sections and eventually started skimming them. Levi was the real standout but otherwise… meh. I loved the premise of Landline and really enjoyed that aspect. I wanted to shake Georgie sometimes but overall I really enjoyed it. As for Carry On, I never read it. I just don’t have any interest in that one. But I can’t wait for whatever she’s working on next!
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  4. Oh man, I love Rainbow Rowell! She’s on my very slim auto-buy list! My order of favorites!

    1. Eleanor & Park (I absolutely ADORE this book!)
    2. Fangirl (Cath’s Social Anxiety mirrors my own, and I loved her relationship with Levi)
    3. Carry On (Baz is my darling)
    4. Attachments (I agree with you on the emails, and I loved how awkward but cute Lincoln was)
    5. Landline (I loved that it was a story about a couple already married)

    The thing is that even ranked like that all five of these books are still high up on my ‘I loved them’ list. They’re all very special reads.
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  5. I actually haven’t read Carry On yet because the Simon parts were my least favorite parts of Fangirl, glad to hear it translates to it’s own book well and I may have to give it a shot. Fangirl is definitely my favorite of hers but I agree that they are all fantastic and I could reread any one of them!

  6. I’ve only read Fangirl and Attachments so far, but I really loved both of them. I have Carry On that I need to get too. I liked the Simon Snow parts, but that’s great you enjoyed Carry On even when you didn’t really like those aspects of Fangirl. I need to read Eleanor & Park and Landlines as well of course!
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  7. I haven’t read all of Rowell’s books but of the books I did read, my least favorite was Eleanor & Park and my #1 and #2 is Attachments and Fangirl. Are we book soulmates or what? LOL.

    Great list, I’m definitely looking forward to the next author.
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  8. I loved E&P and its up there as one of my favorite non-paranormal books. I also loved Fangirl. I got Carry On from the library but decided to not read it after I realized what it was about as that was my least favorite part of Fangirl as well. So only two read so far with E&P my favorite of the two.

  9. Errrr… Don’t throw anything but I haven’t read her yet. But I love this post!! I love how you ranked her books and compared how Goodreads rated her. I hardly look at a book’s overall rating, only how my friends mostly rated a book 🙂

    I hope you do more of these posts!!!

  10. Melissa

    I thought you were going to address the Harry Potter deficiency? I’m concerned this is a giant hole in your reading history…

  11. This is such a fun feature! I haven’t read a lot of Rainbow Rowell myself – only Eleanor & Park actually – so I definitely need to change that. I think I want to start with Attachments or Landline but I’ve heard so many good things about Fangirl that I feel like I should just give in a read asap. We’ll see what happens! Great post!
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