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This is a feature where I will rank all the books I have read by favorite authors.
I have this weird relationship with Lauren Oliver. I love her writing and always find the concept of her books fascinating. Still, they don’t always work for me. I still consider her a favorite author because I will read any YA or Adult book she puts out. I have read every full-length YA and adult novel she has written so far. I know she has MG novels and short stories but I haven’t gotten into those so they aren’t in this post.
Let’s get to the ranking!


repThis is her latest book and sadly I think my least favorite.  The concept sounded so awesome and I really think it ends there. I wasn’t impressed with the characters and I don’t think it was as interesting or action-packed as it could have (should have) been. But I am sure I will read the next installment because that is how I roll.


roosI believe this is her only adult book. Again amazing concept. Told from different rooms in an old house and from various POVs – including ghosts – I was really excited. Some of the twists and turns really worked but some fell flat. Also, a lot of the book was almost boring for me. This is an instance where her writing was what was the best part.


panicI really enjoyed this book throughout. Concept, writing, characters were all things I liked here. The ending is kind of what left me a little eh on this one as a whole. I felt like “Oh that’s all”.


before-i-fallThis was my first Lauren Oliver book that was recommended by an IRL friend. This is where I became interested in anything she did. The concept worked, the writing was beautiful and it was addicting to read.


vanishing-girlsThis book was amazing for me. It put together all the things I love about her books in one and pulled it off to the very end. I was sucked into it from the beginning and couldn’t easily guess the outcome or exactly what was going on – which added so much to the book.



My favorites!! The Delirium series is probably my favorite trilogy /series ever. I was intrigued after Before I Fall but was obsessed after these. It is funny because I only rated them 4 stars because I was such a stingier reviewer but I think I would have bumped them up now. I look back on them so fondly and I even loved the last book and the ending (which I believe is an unpopular opinion!!!)

Do you like Lauren Oliver? What is your favorite of her books?

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48 responses to “Favorite Authors Books Ranked ~ Lauren Oliver

  1. I like her too and I’m not even sure why- I mean I’ve only read two of her books. Maybe it’s that, from what I can tell, she does something different every time- these all seem like such different concepts. Anyway nice list. I liked replica and Panic i different ways, and everyone says to read Before I Fall. I have that on my list, and i don’t know much about the Delirium books but will probably read them at some point- and if they’re #1 on your list maybe I should prioritize them. Or read em before Before I Fall.
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  2. Lauren is one of my favorite authors also. I got hooked on her with Before I Fall, which is one of favorites. I then started reading the Delirium series but didn’t read the last one as the reviews weren’t so hot for it. I think I will read it this winter though just so I can be finished with that series. I really liked that series. I have read about 3 other books of hers which weren’t as terrific but I’m still a follower and was so excited to see Replica recently. Now, that was a different novel and I can’t wait to see where that series goes. Just deciding how to read that novel had some readers confused but I liked that option.

      • I hope Requiem is fantastic. Since it has been so long since I read the first two novels in the series, I might have to reread them before I start Requiem . I read Lyra first in Replica before I flipped the book over and read the rest of the novel. I felt that Lyra set the novel up for me and then Gemma filled in the blanks and continued on with the story.

  3. I hav ea love hate relationship with Oliver as well, loved the first two books in Delirium, was disappointed with the last but still loved the writing. And all her other books I’ve tried, I’ve like but not loved and yet, I’m still always drawn to them.
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  4. I’ve only read Replica so far, but it’s enough to make me want to pick up more. I definitely need to try the Delirium series. It’s been on my TBR for so long.

    I agree with Greg – I keep hearing about Before I Fall so I was going to read that first… But I think I may prioritise Delirium now as it seems like it may be more my thing AND you’ve got it at the top of your list. 🙂
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  5. Lola

    Divergent is the only book by her that I’ve read and a novella I think in the same world. I loved Divergent gave it a 5 star rating and then lost all my excitement to continue the series. So by now I still haven’t finished the series, not even sure why as I remember I loved the first book.
    I like how you ranked her books by which you enjoyed most!
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