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So I did a Fall TV Preview earlier in the TV Season. I am back with a midseason update!

Shows I Was Still DVRing


Grey’s Anatomy. This is one of the first things I watch when it comes on my DVR. Still. Enjoying the season so far.

The Affair. This season was Meh at best, Loved getting to see Cole and Helen’s side of things but other than that it fell flat.

Modern Family. I think this season has been better than the last few so there is that.

How to Get Away with Murder. It’s still BANANAS. Maybe a little too much. Will stick it out for the season though.

The Good Wife. It has been an ok season. The midseason finale ended on a little bombshell that was well worth watching though.

Big Bang Theory. Still cute. Nothing amazing.

Shows Added (then possible removed from) to the DVR


Scream Queens. Totally Gave up after episode 2. Entirely too cheesy.

Quantico. I was the biggest fan of this one. I swore I would love this. Yeah gave it up already!

Life in Pieces. This is a cute, funny show. I watch it when I catch it but it hasn’t been added to my regular watching schedule.

Blackish. LOVE this. I now watch it religiously.

Shows That Were in Danger of Being Removed from the DVR

Fall DVRscae

Scandal. I’ve stuck with it. It is still just ok and I usually am doing something else while it is on.

Homeland. Sitting on my DVR unwatched. Not sure I will get to it.

Currently Watching/Watched


Transparent. Season 2 dropped mid-December. I promptly watched the season in two days. It was amazing and even better than the first.

Jessica Jones. I am working my way through this one. It is heavier so I need more time in between episodes but I am really liking it. Strong cast.

Top Chef. I mean it is Top Chef. I have watched EVERY season and will likely always watch.

Looking Forward To


Girls. Yeah I still watch this. I am not sure why but I am addicted to it.

Silicon Valley. This is one of the few shows my husband and I watch together. Super funny.

What shows have you been watching? Anything you ditched this season so far? What are you looking forward to?

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39 responses to “Break from Books ~Midseason TV Check In

  1. Oooh, I STILL need to watch How To Get Away with Murder. I’ve been hearing constantly good things about it, so fingers crossed I’ll get to it soon. And I totally agree with you about Modern Family. I adore that show, but I did think it lost its flare after the first few seasons. BUT, I’ve also loved the recent episodes. (And aren’t Phill’s ducks SO. Cute?!)
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  2. I don’t watch a lot of TV. We actually don’t have cable or a DVR so it can be hard to keep up with some shows. My daughter is currently completely addicted to Grey Anatomy so I have seen some of that show. We do buy some shows on Amazon Instant Video and we have Netflix. The only shows that I make sure I watch are The Walking Dead and Outlander. Great post!
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  3. This season of MF hasn’t been the best for me. Some episodes have left me disappointed, but I still watch the show religiously!
    Same with The Big Bang Theory – although I’m glad that thing FINALLY happened!
    And How to Get Away With Murder isn’t as good as the 1st season for me either, but you’re right, so freaking crazy!
    I watched one episode of Blackish on my flight and I fell in love with it! I need to find time to watch more.
    And Quantico. LOOOL. That show though! I’ve read the recaps and I’m glad I quit.
    I’ve been watching a lot of Elementary lately and I love it! Have you seen that one?
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  4. I kind of had to laugh because I’ve not seen a single episode of any of these shows (and haven’t even heard of several of them). Ha! I’m just not a TV watcher and haven’t been for several years. I don’t know what it is, but I just don’t get into it. I hear people gush about favorite shows and sometimes I feel like I’m missing out, but really… I’m just not that into it. I’d rather be reading. 🙂 I did start watching Outlander when it first started. I was beside myself with anticipation because that series (the book series) just rocked my world. It opened my eyes up to a whole new kind of book/reading. But even that show, as much as I enjoyed it, wasn’t enough for me to stick around in the long term. I watched the first half of the first season and that was it. {sigh} Guess I will just stick with my books.
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  5. I started HTGAWM on Netflix so I’m behind, but it seems really interesting so far! I actually REALLY loved Scream Queens because of the ridiculously cheesy humor haha Chanel is just perfection 😀 I completely lost interest in Scandal with the new season. Which kind of sucks, it was one of my favorite shows and they FINALLY got together – but it just was so boring to me. Every episode was “poor Olivia” with no action like the other seasons. I really enjoy Jessica Jones so far, still haven’t finished yet, though!

    Great post btw, I wish more people discussed movies/tv like I do! I love to talk about it 🙂
    Molly recently posted…Top 2016 Movie Releases (First Half)My Profile

    • I can see why people liked Scream Queens but it was just too over the top for me. Yeah I agree with Scandal but I can’t give it up!! I haven’t finished Jessica ones either. I love talking TV!! I usually will do a post wrapping up tv season/ start to my summer binges, wrap up of the binges and start of the TV season. SO much fun!

  6. I swear Netflix is the reason I had my worst year for books read last year LOL!
    I got hooked on The Walking Dead which shocked me since I usually don’t like the gore but it was impossible not to be hooked after that first episode. I ended up binge watching all five seasons!
    Criminal Minds is another that so hooked my husband and I. And st 10 season *falls over* we had a lot to watch. We started it in spring and finished by late fall. Yep, we are sooooo bad!

    Right now I’m loving Junior Master Chef! I can’t believe how stinking talented those kids are! They know way more than I do about everything!

    I still watch Grimm and Supernatural religiously. I love them both so much. And I’m really liking iZombie so far (way milder than TWD). I try to catch Sleepy Hollow every now and then when I can, mostly when I’m folding laundry since it is one of the few shows I watch that my husband isn’t interested in.

    I think after just listing all those, I watch way too much TV now! I’m kind of embarrassed. o_O
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    • Honestly that is whay I haven’t started the Walking Dead because I am sure I will be super hooked! We used to watch Criminal Minds but haven’t in a while. I totally have folding laundry shows!!! I watch so much TV. I squeeze them in when I can because I love the stories they have too. Books and TV are my downfalls!!!

  7. I never watched Grey’s this year. I think I can let it go. I am watching Downton Abbey, but that’s about it.

    Oh, and we went to see the new Sherlock in the theater on Tuesday night. So good! That show makes me so happy!

    When does the next season of Silicon Valley start? My husband and I love that show!
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  8. I’m still hanging in there with Grey’s, even if I haven’t watched it this season. I also really, really love Orphan Black (but that’s only on for half of the spring season). I think Lost was the TV show that kind of killed everything for me – I loved that show up until the last season, and it not only jumped the shark, there wasn’t a single bubble left when it sort of fizzled out. Since then, I haven’t been truly excited about any TV show, even if I do watch some shows every now and the.
    I did watch the first couple of seasons of both Scandal and Homeland, but I haven’t really kept up with either. I have several friends who tell me I have to watch A Game of Thrones, but I’m not so sure… there are so many great books to read – why watch TV? 😀
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  9. My problem with some series I would watch when I had DVR, I wouldn’t pay attention to some. Like you, I would do something else while the series played on tv.
    I haven’t been able to watch series much since I have no wifi at home. I did watch the first episode of Scream Queens and couldn’t deal with it. The acting was horrible and story was so bleh.
    I’ve heard Scandal is great so seeing it on your list now makes me doubt. To be honest, I was never really interested in this one.
    My boyfriend is hooked on Jessica Jones!
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  10. Oh man, How to get away with murder is CRAZY!!! My husband just got into it this season and he kept asking about stuff they would reference from last season. I had to give him a two minute recap and it was crazy. Ha. I love Viola Davis though. I also watch Good Wife, Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Top Chef. I feel like Big Bang Theory was so much better in its earlier seasons. It’s still good, but it may be drifting into that territory of staying on far longer than it should. I think by the time they cancel it, people will not care that much. I also watch Homeland and Scandal. Scandal is getting on my nerves. I kind of hate Olivia and Fitz together. Sorry, but I do not think it’s romantic that he has been cheating on his wife for years. You need to watch Homeland though. It is SO GOOD!! Every week, my husband just cringes at the closing credits because of the cliffhanger. Ha. Love this post!
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  11. I absolutely love Grey’s Anatomy and just saw a preview of something that happens and my heart is aching already! I do want to watch HTGAWM it sounds so good! I just binge watched the first two seasons of The 100 and totally recommend that. The first two seasons are on Netflix and then the new one comes out January 21!

    I also gave up on Scream Queens. I watched a few more episodes than you, but it just wasn’t working with me. I thought it would be awesome with some of the actresses, but nope.

    Also, Top Chef is something I also enjoy to watch, I love cooking show competitions 🙂
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  12. I still haven’t watched Grey’s Anatomy. I KNOW!! I tried watching the first episode once, was bored, and never finished it. Maybe I should try again? LOVE Big Bang Theory and Modern Family. I’m also a huge fan of The Middle and Two Broke Girls. They’re both silly dumb, but very enjoyable for me. I started watching Good Wife but after a few seasons I kind of drifted from it. I’ve thought about getting back into it, but I’m not sure yet. I’m still on the fence with Scandal. I’m interested, but I’ve heard others say too that it’s just okay. I love your TV check-ins! I always find new shows through you. 🙂
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    • Yeah it gets better like season 2. But honestly I am just a hopeless Grey’s watcher. I will never give up and I will defend it no matter how bad it is!! We catch The Middle sometimes when we catch it. The first season of Scandal was AMAZING. After that eh. Glad you like them!!

  13. This is FUN! So, I only watch The Big Bang Theory from your list! I want to watch Jessica Jones, but I need to get Netflix- which I really should just do already, it’s getting silly. RIght now, I watch the following on the regular: Dr. Phil gets DVRed every day. Not even ashamed. The Challenge: Bloodlines. I love that show and I will always love every Challenge until Johnny Bananas is in a nursing home brawling with CT over a Bingo game while TJ Lavin tries to break it up. Again, not sorry. I do DVR Big Bang and The Middle. But I only mildly care. Same with Teen Mom OG. Meh. And Jane the Virgin I was HUGE on last season, but it’s getting old now, honestly. OH and Girl Meets World, I adore that.

    Now. THE 100 comes back in like, TWO WEEKS. So there will be all the flailing and excitement and HOLY CRAP. Because that show is everything. And then Fuller House is starting (which is why I need Netflix, basically, and for Chelsea Handler, who I adore). And goodness, then who knows. I have so little time, and here I am worried about TV 😀
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  14. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Jessica Jones and I’d like to try that one out. Also Blackish (but don’t think that’s on here yet, hopefully it will be soon.). I’m currently binge watching Downton Abbey and plan to go on to Homeland next. I quit Homeland in Season 3 but have decided to go back and watch right from the start. And also Making of a Murderer is currently number 1 on Netflix here so I need to check that one out too as everyone is taking about it!
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