Welcome to Rebel Mommy Book Blog!

My name is Grace (aka Rebel Mommy) and I am so glad you stopped by.

I started this blog because I love books and really just wanted to talk (or type if we are getting technical) about them. Most of my friends are not as into reading as I am so I don’t have the chance to discuss or share my love for all things book related.

My preferred reads are contemporary fiction, chick lit,  young adult and phycological thrillers. I do dabble in paranormal romance on occasion. I will try most types of books though if they sound interesting enough and if everyone is talking about them – I can’t be left out of the conversation.

When I am not reading I am watching TV. For every one respectable show, I watch three that are trashtastic ones on my DVR as well. If I am not watching TV I am listening to EW radio talk about TV on SiriusXM.

I also pretend I know how to cook and l love trying new recipes (and by this I mean I pin 100 and actually make 2)

Non-reading facts about me:

  • I need coffee as much as air
  • Wine makes me happy
  • I try to work out but usually don’t
  • I love watching sports in person or on TV

OK that’s enough about me and hope you enjoy the blog!

email – rebelmommybookblog@hotmail.com

twitter – @rebelmommybb


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