A Very Merry Christmas Survey

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I saw this survey over at Lindsay’s Library and knew I had to do it!!
Merry Christmas!

Favorite Christmas song(s): I would have to be probably super cliche and say Mariah Carey – All I Want for Christmas is You. But I have been listening a lot to the Brett Eldredge Christmas album Glow and love a lot of songs from there. 

Favorite Christmas movie(s): Elf. It is funny because I didn’t see it until like three years ago but I love it. If we were to go classic It’s a Wonderful Life is great.

Rudolph, Frosty, the Grinch or Charlie Brown?: Wow tough! I loved Frosty when I was little but I love watching Charlie Brown now with my kids.

Best and/or most memorable Christmas gift you ever received: Easy – my pup Slaggy

Real tree or artificial tree?:  REAL all the way. Or until the kids are grown as my husband says. We will see.

What tops your tree? Star? Angel? Bow?: We have a star.

Do you send out Christmas cards? Do you go photo card or traditional?: We send them out  and early. I do photo cards with the kids on them. So easy! Plus I love getting everyone’s photo cards to hang up and see all the families.

When did you stop believing in Santa?: I think 10 or 11. I may have milked for a year or so though  . . .

Do you have any special Christmastime traditions?: Not really. We do have our Elf Jordy bring the kids their christmas PJs and a Christmas book and video on December 1st. That’s about it.

Do you have a favorite type of decoration — snowmen, trees, Christmas village, etc.?: Here are some of our decorations. I do put out all my Lenox ornaments in my china cabinet and have a village but didn’t put it out this year (pure laziness!)

Do you have any sentimental decorations or ornaments?: I love the ones my kids make me 🙂

White lights or colored lights? Big old-fashioned lights or mini lights?: White lights on our tree. We are super lazy and don’t decorate outside – just a wreath on the door.

When do you start decorating for Christmas?: The weekend after Thanksgiving is usually when we do it. The rest of the month gets bogged down in birthdays and other holiday stuff.

Favorite Christmas treat: Cookies and hot chocolate

Do you like sugar cookies? Gingerbread cookies?: Sugar for sure. Gingerbread nah. I love Chocolate chip the most. We usually make butter cookies to have the kids decorate with sprinkles.

Do you have cocoa or hot chocolate? Do you like your warm chocolate-y beverage with marshmallows?:  Um I don’t know the difference lol but usually say hot chocolate (see above). I am pro marshmallows.

What do you eat at your Christmas feast?: Depends on whose family we are with to be honest. Ham and pasta for sure.

Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve or do you wait until Christmas morning?: Morning. If we see one of the families on Christmas Eve we open with them though.

Favorite Christmas-y scent:?
Christmas Tree

If you could ask Santa for any gift this year — and know that he’d bring it — what would it be?: A new house 🙂 What not practical??? A HUGE Amazon gift card – I love to shop.

Have a lovely holiday season everyone!

Grace @ Rebel Mommy Book Blog

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45 responses to “A Very Merry Christmas Survey

  1. Wow 10 or 11!! You really were a believer!! I never believed… which is kinda sad. I went to a babysitter’s from a really young age & she had older kids that told me the truth as soon I was old enough to start believing. So basically, they were jerks. I would also not mind a new house!! I mean, mine is okay, but I wouldn’t turn a new one down!!
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  2. Oh my goodness, I love this! Also, your kids are TOO CUTE! I love them! I also haven’t a clue what the difference between hot chocolate and cocoa is, or if there even is one? Weird. I am kind of a scrooge in that I am not a fan of Christmas music (except for the aforementioned Mariah Carey song- that gives me life, and has since the 1990s), and I loathe Christmas movies. Well, I don’t really love movies in general, so there’s that. Also, this post made me crave cookies 😉
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