2017 Resolutions & Goals

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It’s that time of year again where it feels like a fresh start and we can make resolutions or goals. Now don’t get me wrong I will probably fail at these. Not being pessimistic but it’s true. I want to set some anyway and hope to try and actually achieve them.

Bookish & Blogging Resolutions/Goals

Only request ARCs I really want to readΒ // Well this seems like common sense right?? I have a bad habit of over requesting than getting so loaded up it drains me. I may already be there for the first couple months but need to refocus on this.

Not get crazy about NG % // I have been obsessing about keeping above 80% but there is not reason to freak out about it. I will review the books it just might take me some time and time while I am below 80%.

Read more books I own // There are so many books on my shelves and on my kindle I really want to read them. I do. And I will this year.

Not stress if I don’t post super regularly // I get kind of nutty about posting on my little schedule I created. I have to be ok with maybe not having two reviews in a week if I am reading slower. Or if I am low on discussion topics. Or if I am just too busy.

Buy less books // Yeah see above.

Read the whole Harry Potter series // I have had this as one of my goals for a while now but I need to do it. I actually finished the first book already!

Use the library more // I love using my library and I want to make sure I get full use out of it, especially for audiobooks.

Care less about stats and suchΒ // Yeah again this is something I have been trying to do for a while. I am not a big blog at all. I am ok with that too. But I so focus on views and such when I shouldn’t be.

Life Resolutions/Goals

Be healthier // Yeah yeah yeah. This has to be the most general one right??I have specific goals though. I want to drink more water. I want to cook healthier meals (my new cookbooks will help with that). I also want to ease back into exercising regularly.

Decorate my house // We have lived in this house for 5 years. I have like 2 things on the walls. It is so sad. I am so not good at this stuff but I am determined to finish get the house in order.

Spend more quality time with my kids // I am with my kids all the time but I really want to spend some good quality time with them. I want to do more crafts, play more games and read more books with them.

Spend less // In general, I am not awful with this but I want to be really conscious of my spending and not be frivolous with my spending.

DO you set and resolutions or goals every year? What resolutions or goals did you set this year?

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60 responses to “2017 Resolutions & Goals

  1. I don’t do resolutions. I set a few not-strict bookish goals, but that’s it. I’ve been doing good at being super picky with ARCs though. I guess I made that an unofficial goal of mine toward the end of last year. I just tired of accepting/requesting books that I *knew* even before reading were only going to be decent but nothing special. And oh my goodness, I used to freak out if I was at 79% even on NG, haha. But eventually I realized other people are at like 20% and still getting books, so if I dip down slightly below 80% it’s not going to kill me. But anyway, these seem like great goals πŸ™‚
    Kristen recently posted…Book Review: Obscura Burning by Suzanne van RooyenMy Profile

  2. You have a lot of great goals! I wanted to do a resolution post, but I probably won’t even take that first step lol. I’m with you on a lot of the bookish goals. I need to request less books. It’s so hard! They’re all so pretty and shiny. I need to read more of the books I already have too. I also want to be present and spend quality time with my kids. It’s so hard to keep up with everything. So I need to work on not stressing about that too. πŸ˜‰

    Good luck with all your goals!
    Lori recently posted…Waiting on Wednesday: The Best Kind of Magic by Crystal CestariMy Profile

  3. These are great goals. I can relate to every one of them! I am trying to stay away from new review books until I get caught up. I am trying to stress less about the blog – it isn’t a job and should be fun! I need to work to be healthier in my personal life as well. I painted most of my house 3 years ago and haven’t hung anything back on the walls so I need help with decorating as well. Good luck with all of these goals!
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  4. Ha ha — I love MAKING goals, but ACHIEVING them is a whole different ball game! It’s good to have them, though. Good luck with yours! I’ve been meaning to re-read HP for a long time and I actually read 1 and 2 this year. I’m hoping I can finish the rest of the series this year. Good luck to both of us on that!

  5. We have the same goals and that’s great. It helps me feel less alone and inspired to keep going. Good luck to you on all of your goals and resolutions. You can do it, I’ll be cheering you on from L.A.
    Rowena recently posted…Throwback Thursday (17)My Profile

  6. Good luck with these! I hear you on reading books I’ve got vs always getting new ones. This might be the year I get on Netgalley and I’ll have to not go crazy lol.

    And I’ve been using the library more the last few weeks- half the time they don’t have what I want but when they do it saves me a few bucks. πŸ™‚
    Greg recently posted…Lost GirlsMy Profile

  7. those are awsome goals. I am with you on this one. Lately I have been cautious about the books I request and try to finish the ones I request and keep to the ones I really want to read. I also been reading more of the books that I missed and wanted to and it’s been an awesome balance πŸ˜€
    Lily B recently posted…Review: Ever the Hunted by Erin SummerillMy Profile

  8. Great goals, Grace… whether you stick to them or not. LOL I’m with you on the ARC thing. I made that a thing starting about a year ago. I never really requested a ton of them but still. I decided I really wanted to read all the awesome books I already owned and one of my obstacles in doing that was ARCs. So I decided to only request the ones from my exceedingly small list of very favorite authors. I think I requested a dozen or so last year, if that. And it might be even less this year. When it comes down to it, I’m going to get to read the book no matter what so waiting until the release date isn’t going to kill me. LOL
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  9. Lola

    Nice list of goals! I always try and do that first one and only request arc’s I really want, but there are just so many books I really would want to read, so I still end up with a bunch of them. I try not to freak out about my netgalley percentage, but I really would like to get above 70% for a chance. Then again I’ve been steady around 67% for about a year, so at least that means my percentage isn’t going down. I set a similar goal about blogging and not stressing out, just like you i have this schedule in my head of what to post when and I am trying to slowly let go of that a bit.

    I would love tor e-read the harry Potter series one, but then in english as I’ve only read them in dutch. But I need to buy the whole series in english first. We’re rewatching the movies right now. Good luck with all your goals!
    Lola recently posted…My To-Be Read List #29: the winnerMy Profile

  10. I think your resolutions are perfect! Especially the not taking too many ARCs but that is soooo hard – how do you know what you’ll be in the mood to read when the time comes? It’s a tough balance!! And the decorating thing, that is soooo me!!! My husband is so much better than I am. He has his man cave in the basement and he’s been hitting stores for tables, buying “art” on Amazon for the walls, and hitting Wayfair, too!! I agonize over it all.

    Good luck!! You’ll do great b/c these are fabulous!!!
    Kristin recently posted…Review: Lucian Divine by Renee CarlinoMy Profile

  11. These are great goals. I agree with not worrying about stats. I am not by any means a big blog either. I want to just focus on enjoying what I post. I love that your are getting into being more healthy as well. I am definitely zeroing in on that and even posting recaps on my weekend posts. I am with you on eating healthier. It is not cheap to eat healthy, but I have a great meal plan (that I paid money for). I just need to start working so I can buy the foods.
    Anyways, great list. Good luck with all your goals!
    Karen Blue recently posted…Weekly Wrap Up #120 ~Finally, Some Good News!My Profile

  12. oh these sound like some great goals that you have here!! I really agree with being healthy and exercising. I have let it go the past few months and now I have the flu hehe so learned my lesson. I do want to start cooking my meals more tasteful.

    I also like that you mentioned only getting ARC’s that you want to read. My goal especially this year is to only read books I would actually buy. I try not to pay too much attention to my percentage because it goes up and down depending on how many books I have requested. Although I have made an effort to be more consistent in placing in my reviews.

    Good for you on wanting to visit the library. I love the library, and can offer so much for you. Good luck with all of these.
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